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Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas in India

Both boys and girls will love a Toy Story birthday party with their favorite characters from the hit movies along for the ride. We have plenty of exciting Toy Story birthday party ideas in India to suit both boys and girls of varying ages. Celebrate friendship with Buzz, Woody and the whole Toy Story gang and create a special day that your little boy or girl will remember for many years to come.

Planning the Party
  • Choose your child's favorite Toy Story character to create a central theme for the party, such as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, or Jesse for a girl's party. You can then design the Toy Story birthday party decorations and the cake around that character.
  • Consider a costume party where guests can come as their favorite Toy Story character, or even just as their favorite toy. This is a great Toy Story birthday party idea that will let everyone get involved in preparing for the party and have their own part to play in the celebration.
  • Bring your Toy Story birthday party ideas to life by hosting the party in a room designed to look like a playroom where toys might come to life. Set up large toy bins and blocks, and create a fun environment for the kids to enjoy pretending to be Toy Story characters.
  • An outdoor party in the summer months can also be a great choice for a Toy Story birthday. A variety of Toy Story birthday party supplies can turn your back yard or a nearby park into a perfectly themed and decorated location for that special celebration.
  • Toy Story party ideas to suit older kids could include a visit to an arcade or a bowling alley, where you can use Toy Story party decorations in conjunction with the fun of the location to create a perfect party atmosphere.
Party Invitations
  • If you are looking for Toy story birthday invites in India, visit our collection and all you have to do is fill them out and send them to friends. They match the other Toy Story décor to bring the whole theme together easily.
  • You can print your own Toy Story invitations if you have a good printer. There are plenty of images available online you can use to bring your Toy Story birthday party ideas to life easily right at home.
  • Toy Story stickers are available for creating your own invitations easier, and your birthday child can help you put them together. Use simple cardstock, some markers, and stickers to decorate fun invitations.
  • Create personalized Toy Story birthday invitations with some simple image manipulation software. A picture of Buzz or Woody can be merged with a picture of your child to place their face into a favorite character's body. They make a truly unique birthday invitation that doubles as a keepsake.
  • Order Toy Story return address labels to use when mailing out the invitations and also to use on RSVP cards if you plan to use them, so that guests can easily let you know they plan to come.
Party Games
  • Toy Story birthday party ideas lend themselves easily to some great games based on the toys themselves! Get a number of Mr. Potato Head toys, and have a timed race to see who can put him together the fastest. You can also have a contest to see who can make the funniest looking Potato Head.
  • If you have stairs, a classic Slinky race to the bottom will keep kids entertained for a long time. Use caution with small children on the stairs, however.
  • Create a twist on the classic party game and have children blindfolded to pin the tail on the T-Rex. Print off an image of Rex, the dinosaur toy in the movie, but remove his tail. Then let the kids try to pin the tail on with a blindfold on, just like with the donkey.
  • Play "Guess That Voice?" with clips from the movies. Play a very short clip of one of the many toys talking, and have everyone guess which toy it is they have heard. Give a prize to the child who gets the most right answers!
  • Add more fun to party activities with classic Pinata Game. Blindfold lil heroes and let them have a gala time with a Buzz light year Pinata. They will surely enjoy the shower of goodies when any participant will pull the right string.
Return Gifts
  • Toy Story party ideas for return gifts are easy when you choose from our wide variety of items themed on the films, such as Toy Story blowouts.
  • If you use toys as decorations, they can double as return gifts when you let everyone choose their favorite to take home.
  • Toy Story coloring books are a great idea for kids who love to color their favorite characters. Add a small box of crayons for them to get right to the fun!
  • Stickers, costume jewelry, whistles, and other return gifts are sure to be a hit.
  • Some Toy Story fruit rollups and other gummy candies offer a sweet treat to be enjoyed later.
Party Food
  • Pizza is a great choice for a Toy Story party since the entire toys visit Pizza Planet in the first film. Decorate with Pizza Planet signs to get the right feel for the theme.
  • Toy Story party ideas for food can include some treats that look like toys, especially the toys from the movies. Crackers can be transformed into Legos with dots of canned cheese on them. Use cowboy cookie cutters to make Woody's hat or boots. Rope licorice makes perfect Woody and Jesse lassoes. Whole fruit can be given the Mr. Potato head treatment with eyes and feet. Mixed colors of grapes can look like a bowl of marbles.
  • Toy Story cake decorations are easy when you use a Toy Story cake topper to instantly turn a plain cake into the perfect themed confection.
  • Create slinky dog hot dogs using ketchup and mustard to make a looping appearance on top of the wiener for a simple meal that is reminiscent of the movie's funny character.
  • Remember to make your food friendly for younger guests, and watch for choking hazards like hot dogs and grapes. They may need to be but up in order to be safe for small children to enjoy.
Party Decorations

Cover the party table with mismatched teacups, a chandelier, oversized teacups, and even some mini teacups, like those you'd find in a tea set for dolls.

  • We offer a variety of Toy Story birthday party ideas to make your décor fast and easy. From balloons to cake toppers, a simple and picture perfect Toy Story party is simple to set up.
  • Toy Story movie posters are easy to find and a great way to decorate for a Toy Story birthday party.
  • Your television can become a part of the party decorations when you use it to play Toy Story movies with the sound off in the background.
  • Balloons can be in a variety of colors, but white, red and green are Buzz Lightyear's colors and brown matches Woody's cowboy attire.
  • A combination of rocket ship décor and cowboy décor will give the sense of the friendship between Buzz and Woody and a very Toy Story feel.
  • Classic toys like those featured in the films, from Mr. Potato Head to Barbie, can be a great part of your Toy Story birthday party ideas. Set them up among your food or around the room so that people can play with them and enjoy the scene they set.