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Tinkerbell party ideas in India

Little girls love Tinkerbell and her fairy friends. With our selection of birthday party supplies, including Tinkerbell party decorations, you can throw a very special Tinkerbell birthday party for your little fairy fan that will make her feel very special. Our collection of Tinkerbell party ideas in India will help you host astounding party with much ease.

Planning the Party
  • For some great Tinkerbell birthday party ideas, watch the Tinkerbell films and get to know where she and her fairy friends live. It will give you inspiration.
  • Since Tinkerbell lives in the forest, along with all her fairy friends, look for a forested outdoor location to hold the party. Reserve a picnic area at a local park, or try an arboretum.
  • Look beyond Tinkerbell party ideas to any sort of idea that incorporates fairies to get more range.
  • Consider a party where everyone dresses as a fairy! Many dollar stores carry fairy wings that make it affordable to dress as a fairy.
  • Your child probably knows more about Tinkerbell than you do, so ask her for some helpful Tinkerbell birthday party ideas to get you started.
Party Invitations
  • If you are in search readymade Tinkerbell birthday invitations in India, explore our adorable collection and announce your theme in style.
  • Fill the invitations envelope with a little "pixie dust" in the form of glitter to add a magical touch.
  • Make your own Tinkerbell party invitations right at home using your computer. Print an image of Tinkerbell, and add the party information for a simple solution or If you are crafty then using construction paper you can make a Tinkerbell invite as shown in the image. Cut Tinkerbell shape artistically from construction paper and attach it to a flower or butterfly shape construction paper in different color. Fill in your party details.
  • Fold yellow construction paper in half and cut out a half wing shape, leaving the folded center intact. When you open it, you will see wings. Decorate with glitter and add the party information.
  • Don't forget the outside of the invitation! Decorate with Tinkerbell stickers or glitter to make it an extra special invitation.
Party Games
  • Play a Tinkerbell version of duck, duck goose. The person walking around the circle will say pixie or fairy – the person who is the fairy must get up and fly around the circle in a race for the free seat.
  • Tinkerbell party ideas for the games can have a magical touch. Tell your little pixies that they must go on a hunt for special items that have magically disappeared. They must use their pixie powers to find everything on the list!
  • Have each child decorate their own set of fairy wings from a basic set bought from a dollar store.
  • Play pin the wand on Tinkerbell instead of pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Tinkerbell is a special kind of fairy who loves to build things! You can buy building kits or use Lego, and see what creative things the kids can build.
Return Gifts
  • Hand out Pixie Sticks and Pop Rocks in a Tinkerbell gift bag.
  • If you want to send lil fairies home with inexpensive & adorable party favors, choose from our selection of girls return gifts in India and put together an easy but fun goodie bag for the kids.
  • Give each child a set of fairy wings and a magic wand so that they can be a fairy too.
Party Food
  • Cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into star shapes using a cookie cutter to make them fairy sandwiches.
  • Dust sugar cookies with colored sugar to make them look covered in pixie dust.
  • Serve sparkling lemonade and call it pixie punch
  • Create a cake for your Tinkerbell birthday party by sprinkling a white frosted cake with colored sugar. Finish it with our Tinkerbell cake topper for the perfect final touch.
  • Cupcakes are another great option – make mini ones so that they appear to be fairy sized and top each with a star candy.
  • Make cup cakes, give it a pink frosting, sprinkle pink sugar, and add a Tinkerbell cake topper for a perfect finishing.
Party Decorations

Cover the party table with mismatched teacups, a chandelier, oversized teacups, and even some mini teacups, like those you'd find in a tea set for dolls.

  • If you are looking for Tinkerbell party decorations in India, you can use the selection available in our Tinkerbell party supplies section.
  • Choose balloons and streamers in yellow and green to match Tinkerbell's colors.
  • Place a Tinkerbell Airwalker at the party entrance to give a whimsical welcome to all lil fairies attending your party. 
  • Cut out printed pictures of the fairies and hang them on the walls and from the ceiling as though they are flying around the room.
  • Add glittery confetti strewn over tabletops to look like pixie dust.
  • Hang glitter-covered stars from the ceiling or from tree branches if you are outside to create a magical effect in the air.
  • Complete your Tinkerbell birthday party decorations by getting glittery face paint so that the guests can be decorated as well.