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Space Alien Birthday Party Ideas in India

A space theme party that is all about aliens is perfect for any child who loves cool and creepy space creatures. Throwing an alien party is fun and easy and there are plenty of possible ways to plan your child's alien birthday party depending on their age and interests. If you are looking for some interesting space alien birthday party ideas in India, explore ideas given below and host a super fun Space theme birthday party.

Planning the Party
    • There is variety of Space theme party choices, depending on the type of alien your child likes. You can go from cute aliens to scary aliens depending on your child's age.
    • An alien party would work well at night when the stars and planets are visible to add to the ambience. Consider this option if your child is old enough to have an evening party.
    • Consider a planetarium as a fun location for a space theme party.
    • Ask all of your guests to come as their favorite alien – they could be from films like Star Wars or Star Trek, or just a general alien costume.
    • Gather alien birthday party ideas from watching sci-fi movies, especially any favorite movies your child enjoys.
Party Invitations
  • Our selection of alien party supplies includes some pre-printed invitations you can use to make things easy.
  • Construction paper can be used to cut out planet shapes – don't forget the rings on Saturn – and you can write the party information on the back.
  • Choose a classic alien image and make your own alien birthday party invitations using your printer. This allows you to type in all the party information and simply print.
  • Fold a piece of construction paper in half and cut out a basic rocket shape, leaving the folded edge intact. Inside, glue a picture of an alien and add the party details.
  • Take a blue construction paper to make birthday invitation, blue is an ideal choice to reflect sky and adorn it with cut outs of stars, rocket, planet and fill in your party details.
Party Games
  • Rent a bounce house and invite your guests to bounce around the way they would in space without gravity.
  • Place space alien bingo. Create a bingo card with the faces of various types of alien on it in the place of the numbers, and instead of the word bingo, use the word alien.
  • Have each child draw their own space alien, give him a name and planet as well as his home.
  • Kids can create their own flying saucer using an upside-down paper plate, markers, stickers and other decorations.
  • Update pin the tail on the donkey space theme party style by playing pin the antenna on the alien instead.
  • Hang an alien theme piñata and blindfold kids to break down this one by one and enjoy goodies showered upon them.
Return Gifts
  • Choose from theme selection of alien birthday return gifts to create a wonderful gift bag for your guests.
  • Hand out plush aliens to each of the party guests, a great idea for smaller parties or larger budgets!
  • Buy candy that looks like rocks from your local cake decorating shop. Put it in bags labeled "moon rocks" to hand out to departing guests.
Party Food
  • Create a bubbly alien punch for your alien party by adding soda to green Kool-Aid in a punch bowl.
  • Make flying saucer cookies by using frosting to attach an upside-down peanut butter cup to a sugar cookie.
  • Make an alien pizza by replacing the tomato sauce with a green sauce – try pesto instead.
  • Set out a bowl of seedless grapes and call them alien eyeballs. Next to them offer alien goop dip – yogurt died green with food coloring.
  • Create the perfect alien party cake with a simple cake topper from our selection of alien party supplies.
Party Decorations
  • Our selection of party decorations will have your party ready to blast off in no time at all.
  • Stick stars and planets to the walls so that it feels just like being in outer space.
  • Balloons in blue and silver are great colors to work with a space theme – and add green for the aliens.
  • Hang flying saucers from the ceiling – paint paper plates and attach a string through the middle for hanging.
  • A large piece of cardboard can be turned into a rocket with some paint and a little time – each child can have his or her picture taken peeping through a round window in the rocket ship!
  • Take images of aliens and have them appear to be peeping around corners and through windows, checking out the earth people.