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Real Mommy Stories - Richa

Sonia Jasrotia

Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir

You know you are a mommy when even two hours of uninterrupted sleep is a luxury. I am sure every mommy can relate to this. I am Sonia Jasrotia mother of a 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son.

Real Mommy Stories - Sonia
Sonia Jasrotia

I still remember the first night home with my tiny bundle of joy- the irresistible new born smell, cozy cuddles, the incredible high you feel when you become the mommy for the first time. Every mother has a crazy story of what went down when the very first time she was home with her new born.

Can’t forget the early days of motherhood when figuring out why my little one is screaming, or not sleeping use to be the only concern. From Singing lullaby to my kids, to watching cartoon network, to playing puzzles with them and laughing on their innocent questions, motherhood overall has been a memorable journey filled with joys & tears.

Though, often times it has left me exhausted and sometimes I am running whole day only on an hour of sleep and feeling no less than a super women. Now my kids are grown up and thankfully I feel little less sleep deprived and get some time for my career as well.

Before becoming a mommy I was a full time interior designer now again I have started taking up freelancing projects that keeps my creative instinct boosted and I can work while staying with my kids.

Being a mommy is the most delightful feeling though it comes with its own share of challenges and responsibilities but I am enjoying every moment of this magical experience.

A warm hug to all the mommies!

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