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Soccer Birthday Party Ideas in India

A soccer birthday party is a wonderful choice that works well for either a birthday boy or girl! If you are in search of great Soccer birthday party ideas in India, you will be able to throw a soccer party that no one will soon forget. Explore these ideas and score a goal!

Planning the Party
    • A soccer field or indoor soccer arena offers both an ideal indoor and outdoor locale for you to host the soccer party. Call area soccer clubs to find out what choices you have in terms of renting space for the birthday party.
    • If your birthday boy or girl is a part of a soccer team, encourage everyone to come dressed in their uniforms, or dressed as if they were playing for their favorite professional soccer team.
    • Start planning the party at least six weeks out from your preferred party date, this will ensure that you have plenty of time to get everything checked off of your planning list, and will also ensure that your guests have lots of time to RSVP.
    • Order your soccer party supplies no later than four weeks out from the party date so that everything arrives on time, with plenty of time to spare in case you need to change the theme a bit or order additional supplies.
Party Invitations
  • If you are running short on time, consider ordering our soccer birthday party invitations that will be easy to address and pop in the mail within a short amount of time.
  • Cut circles out of glossy white poster board, and use black markers to design invitations that resemble soccer balls. Write the party details on the back of the soccer ball invitations.
  • Take a snap shot of your birthday boy or girl in uniform and use it to create a soccer trading card.
  • If the soccer birthday party invitations will be hand delivered then attach a little gift to each invitation, some things like mini soccer ball key chains, whistles, or some soccer-themed stickers."
  • Seal the envelopes using soccer stickers or even stamps.
  • Use creative phrasing on the invitations like "Join us, everyone! For some soccer ball kicking fun!
Party Games
  • A fun and light-hearted game of soccer is sure to help burn off some energy and create some laughs.
  • Get lots of black and white balloons and let the kids take turns at seeing who can pop the most number of balloons by sitting on them, within a 15 or 30 second window of time.
  • Soccer coloring pages will help to keep younger kids occupied, and help to inspire a bit of creativity.
  • Hang a soceer ball pinata filled with goodies and let the kids have fun breaking open this sporty pinata. 
  • Balloon headers is a fun game where players have to keep their balloon in the air using their head only. The player who is able to keep their balloon floating in the air the longest will win the game.
  • Soccer bowling is a fun alternative to a regular game of bowling. Have the kids kick a soccer ball towards the pins, instead of rolling a ball. Keep score on the game, just like you would with a regular bowling game.
  • Either use a real soccer goal net or make a goal post using cardboard and then have the kids take turns at being blindfolded, with the goal of the game being to kick the soccer ball into the goal net! This is a game that is definitely best played outdoors in order to minimize damage and the potential for injuries.
Return Gifts
  • Soccer sticker sheets and temporary tattoos are fun soccer party ideas for return gifts.
  • Some personalized soccer goodies, like magnets, zipper pulls, and key chains are perfect for soccer fans.
  • Sports-themed headbands and armbands are just the thing for sports fans to take home.
  • Some bouncy balls or miniature soccer balls offer some bouncy fun.
  • Pencils, blow outs, whistles, and other soccer birthday party supplies are just the thing needed.
Party Food
  • Some soccer party ideas for cakes include decorating a sheet cake using the colors of your child's soccer team, or their favorite team.
  • Frost cupcakes using white butter cream frosting, and place a small chocolate candy in the middle of the cake. Use piped frosted to draw a hexagon surrounding the candy, and then draw lines leading out from it, to resemble a soccer ball.
  • Decorate a cake to look like a soccer field. Use green frosting to create the field, and use decorator gel to add the field lines. Top the cake with cake topper figurines that look like soccer balls and soccer players.
  • Serve up some party favorites like pizza, hot dogs, and hamburger sliders.
  • Black and white ice cream sandwiches are a great sweet treat for the party guests to enjoy.
  • Serve soccer shape cookies, use black, red or green food coloring to create perfect soccer balls cum cookies and place them in a plate and add some decorative green grass to reflect field.
Party Decorations
  • Decorate the party zone using your child's favorite soccer team's colors and logo. Hang up balloons, streamers, and other soccer birthday party decoration choices all fitting in with the team's colors. To keep things generic, black and white will work just fine.
  • Get lots of soccer shaped Mylar balloons and fill them with helium so that they float above the party space. Anchor them with soccer balls if you like, or leave them free floating in the room.
  • Create soccer balls using poster board and some markers or paints. Hang your soccer balls from the ceiling or use them to decorate the walls.
  • Use a solid green tablecloth to look like a soccer field. Use white tape to mark what would be the field lines.
  • Print out some large images of soccer balls that can be laminated and used as soccer party placemats.
  • Create a birthday banner than reads "Welcome To Sam's Birthday World Cup Celebration!