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Smurfs Birthday Party Ideas in India

Have a happy Smurfday with some great Smurf party ideas that will leave everyone feeling smurfy! A Smurf birthday party is a great choice for kids of all ages, because everyone can appreciate these little blue guys who are said to be no taller than three apples!

Planning the Party
  • One of the most whimsical Smurf party ideas you can have includes encouraging the party guests to dress up as their favorite Smurf, which can then later lead to a game about guessing who is which Smurf!
  • Order your Smurfs birthday party supplies in India at least 4 weeks in advance of your planned party date. This will ensure that you get your supplies on time, and have lots of time left in case you need to purchase additional supplies.
  • If your house and backyard aren't large enough to accommodate all of the guests then consider hosting the party at a local park, a banquet hall, or even your local YMCA for a budget-friendly choice.
  • There are a lot of Smurfs, so consider hosting the party with a theme based around just one of the Smurfs. For example, a Smurfette party is a great choice for a little girl, while a Jokey Smurf or Grouchy Smurf makes great choices for the little birthday guy.
Party Invitations
  • Set the tone for the Smurf birthday party by selectingSmurf theme party invitations in Indiafor your theme party and save some preparation time.
  • Using some poster board and blue paint or markers, trace out the familiar shape of a Smurf and create a customized Smurf invitation. If using Smurfette as your template, you can use a bit of hot glue to attach a little silk flower just above her ear.
  • Smurf plush toys are available everywhere, as are small plastic Smurfs. Attach them to card-styled invitations with a bit of ribbon or string.
  • To further encourage the kids to come dressed as a Smurf, include blue face paint and a white Smurf hat. Add a little note to the invitation to remind the kids to wear white pants and a blue shirt.
  • Smurfs live in adorable toadstool homes, create a cutout in the shape of a toadstool and include a sticker or die-cut of a Smurf behind a peek-a-boo window on the invitation.
Party Games
  • Since the Smurfs are said to be no taller than three apples high, turn this into a game to see which of the party guests can stack three apples on top of one another, in 30 seconds. The person who manages to stack their apples, and keep the apples standing for 10 second will win a prize!
  • A Smurf theme piñata will surely delight your li guests, fill with candies and other goodies and blindfold your guests and let them enjoy taking a chance at breaking open the piñata.
  • Play a rousing game of Simon Says, but with a little bit of a twist in the form of Papa Smurf Says!
  • A game of Duck, Duck, Goose can be transformed into a game of Smurf, Smurf, Gargamel!
  • Blow up several blue and white balloons, prior to the start of the party. Inside of each balloon place the name of one of the Smurfs. Have the party guests sit on the balloon to pop it, and then act out the Smurf they have received on their piece of paper. The other guests will have to work out who they are, based on their gestures only. This game can be very funny to play.
  • Hide a good selection of toy Smurfs around your home and the yard. Have the party guests take turns at playing Gargamel and searching for their very own Smurf. The person who finds their Smurf quickest will win a prize!
  • Pass Jokey's Gift is a fun spin on the Pass the Parcel game where a small box containing a prize is wrapped in at least 10 layers of wrapping paper. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel has to unwrap one layer, until the last person finally unwraps it to reveal the box and the prize inside of the box. A book of jokes is a good choice for this prize!
Party Decorations
  • Smurfs live in a brightly colored lush green forest, so decorating your party space with lots of green plants and faux trees can give that forest feel. Paper cutouts of trees and vines can add to the forest vibe.
  • Fill up corners with Mylar Smurf balloons and plenty of blue and white latex and other party balloons. It can add a fun festive feel to the room to tie balloons to chairs and to the mailbox and trees outside.
  • Create a table centerpiece using a tiered cupcake stand that contains several green plants for a forest feel. Hide a few Smurf figurines inside of the mini tabletop forest.
  • Serve up party punch in a black cauldron, just like the one that Gargamel has. A poster or cutout of the wicked wizard himself can be a fun addition to the table, right next to the cauldron.
  • Mix the themed supplies with solid color supplies for a more classy and customized look.
  • Some more Smurf party ideas for decorating include posters and large cutouts of your favorite Smurfs. Hang them on walls, doors, and even on fences. Decorate with plush Smurfs, also.
  • Signs that include the word Smurf are a must have for any Smurf birthday party. "Happy Smurfday!" "Have a Smurfy day!" "It's a Smurfy day for a Smurfday!" Get creative and have fun with it!
Return Gifts
  • Small plush Smurfs or plastic figurines are a great Smurf birthday party ideas, especially if you can incorporate them into the games that the guests will be playing.
  • Smurf theme edible return gifts will also make a great choice, so send them home with some Smurf cake pops.
  • Our collection of birthday party supplies includes a good choice of Smurf-related return gifts, including blow outs, whistles, stickers, and more.
  • Lip gloss, a mirror, and a brush are reminiscent of Smurfette and will be a Smurfy gift for the little ladies.
  • Costume jewelry is another great choice for the ladies, while toy cars and bouncy balls will keep the little guys busy.
Party Food
  • Candied apples and other fun treats like gummy worms will delight their sweet tooth.
  • Blueberries are the only naturally blue food, so they make a good choice to serve at the Smurf birthday party. Fresh blueberries, blueberry cupcakes, and even cookies are a fun addition.
  • Use a bit of blue food coloring to add a Smurfy tint to things like frosting, cookies, and even to fruit punch. Add red or blue polka frosting dots to white frosted cupcakes to resemble the Smurf's houses.
  • Use cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes in cookies and sandwiches alike, mushrooms, flowers and trees are great choices for a Smurf birthday party.
  • Some Smurf party ideas for the birthday cake include a large sheet cake decorated with plastic Smurfs, or with fondant Smurf scenes. Cupcakes are another great choice for your Smurf birthday party; simply top each cupcake with some Smurf party favors to add a fun touch to each mini cake.
  • Smurfs eat leaves, berries, and lots of fresh veggies, which could translate into fruit skewers or even grilled vegetable skewers. Cherry tomatoes and cut up pieces of mozzarella cheese sticks will make a healthy snack.