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Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas in India

Everybody loves to come and play on Sesame Street! A Sesame Street party is a great idea for your little one's birthday celebration. With a few creative Sesame Street party ideas you'll soon have everyone singing happily like Big Bird, eating cookies like a Monster, and dancing with joy like Elmo

Planning the Party
    • Keep the party guest list short and sweet, this will not only keep the budget within the realms of reasonable but will also ensure that the guests and birthday boy or girl don't get overwhelmed with too many people.
    • Plan the party at least six weeks in advance. This will give you plenty of time to order your Sesame Street party supplies and give people lots of time to make travel plans or schedule space on their calendar.
    • Plan to host the Sesame Street party outdoors if the weather will be agreeable, especially since a lot of the scenes from the beloved TV show are shot outdoors. An area park or even your backyard will do nicely.
    • Hosting the party at a party event center or at your local YMCA can give you another option for the big day. It is also typically affordable, and cuts down a lot on the cleanup you would otherwise face.
    • Don't take on all of the planning yourself, especially if you are working full-time in addition to being a full-time parent! Ask your close friends or your family members to help you pick up the cake or help with preparing the snack trays.
Party Invitations
  • Our selection of party invitations in India will blend in nicely with the other Sesame Street party supplies you pick up for the party, and will also cut down on the planning steps you need to do before the big event. Pick up prepackaged invitations and a selection of thank-you notes so you'll be all set.
  • An edible invitation is always a big hit. Cookie Monster cookies with the party details included on a sticker or note card attached to the cookie is sure to be a delicious success.
  • Some cardstock, die-cuts of Sesame Street characters, stickers, glue, glitter, and even yarn can give you the tools to make customized party invitations. Create a red Elmo invitation or a blue Cookie Monster invitation. A few crafting feathers in yellow will be the perfect addition to a Big Bird invitation!
  • Use phrases popular from the Sesame Street show, like "This party is brought to you by the letter F, for Fun!" and "Sunny Day! Chasing the clouds away on this birthday day!"
  • With a bit of colored yarn and cardboard you can easily create pom-poms to look like your favorite characters. Attach goggle eyes and felt for the eyes and the mouth, and then attach the pom-poms to your invitations.
  • Be sure to include any gift registry information on the invitation, along with an easy way for your guests to RSVP, like an email address.
Party Games
  • It can be hard to get little ones to engage in a lot of games but there are a few Sesame Street party ideas that could work well for kids under two. Like pin the cookie on the cookie monster! Encourage the little ones to put the felt "cookie" onto the picture of Cookie Monster.
  • Offer a selection of age-appropriate toys for the little ones to play with. Setting up a corner or playpen with lots of toys and comfortable pillows will give you a great place to secure the babies during the party.
  • Board books and flash cards with Sesame Street characters is a fun way to interact with the little ones.
  • Offer a selection of musical instruments that the kids can use to make their own music. Elmo is big on making his own music, so encourage the kids to follow suite.
  • Play some Sesame Street music or a DVD during the Sesame Street party to set the fun-filled ambience of everyone's favorite street.
  • A pinata that uses ribbons that can be pulled on, versus needing to be hit, is another great choice for the little kids. Hang a cookie monster pinata and fill it with a selection of cookies, stickers, and crayons to shower upon guests.
Return Gifts
  • Sesame Street theme noisemakers, whistles, and bubbles are great additions to the return gifts bag.
  • A small plush of a Sesame Street character offers kids a cuddle companion long after the party has ended.
  • Sesame Street picture books or coloring books, along with a little package of non-toxic crayons and stickers offer entertainment.
  • Bouncy balls, toy dinosaurs and cars will keep the boys happy.
  • Costume jewelry and a comb and mirror set will please the little ladies.
  • A selection of cookies or candy treats offer a tasty treat for later.
  • Lollipops in the sesame street characters also make a yummy and delightful favors.
Party Food
  • A large sheet cake decorated with some of the characters from Sesame Street, along with a few cake toppers themed to fit in with the Sesame Street party, will be a fun addition.
  • Cupcakes decorated like the various characters along with cake pops decorated like the characters will be a big hit with the little guests.
  • Decorating chocolate chip cookies with blue icing to look like Cookie Monster are a class addition to any Sesame Street party.
  • Make mini personal pizzas for the little guests, decorated to look like their favorite character. Elmo is an easy character, with a bit of pepperoni, tomatoes, and olives.
  • Offer a tray of deli meats, cheeses, and croissants so guests can assemble quick snack plates. You should also ensure there is a tray of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Offer Oscar the Grouch punch to guests. This can be done by adding red punch to a large bowl, with a bit of green food coloring to change it to a less than appealing brown color. Add gummy worms to the punch bowl, and consider freezing gummy worms in blocks of punch ahead of time so that they float. Delicious and a bit funny all at once!
Party Decorations
  • Sesame Street is a street in New York City so you could include a cutout of the New York skyline as a backdrop for your Sesame Street party.
  • Think about cutouts of trash cans decorating the walls, along with a picture of Oscar the Grouch peeking out from behind them.
  • A few cutouts or posters of cookies, with bites taken out of them, are a great homage to Cookie Monster.
  • A few Sesame Street birthday party ideas for balloons include a great selection of latex balloons all matching the vibrant colors of the characters, along with several Mylar balloons of each of the characters. Tie one of the character balloons to each chair so that each child can have their own character. Additionally. an elmo airwalker balloon at the party entrance will be an adorable addittion to your party.
  • Streamers and a nice Sesame Street party birthday banner will add an extra celebratory touch to the party zone. A poster on the front door or on your garage will let everyone know that your house is party central for the big Sesame Street party!
  • A few Sesame Street party ideas for decorating the party tables include either character-themed tablecloth or a solid color table cloth that can then be coordinated with some of the other Sesame Street party supplies that we offer. Match paper plates, cups, napkins, and even plastic utensils with the rest of the theme for a cohesive feel to the big day.