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Secrets of a Fabulous Party Table

Want to have your birthday tables look like something out of a magazine? It’s easy and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get that co-ordinated , stylish designer look. We’ll show you how you how you can work with color, shapes and inexpensive accessories to give your table that WOW factor.

Setting the Birthday Party Table

Decide on the table cover first

If you have decided on a theme for your birthday party, pick a color from your theme and order your table cover in that color.

Decorating the table

Spread the table cover. If you are afraid of your table being damaged by spilld and leaks cover it first with a layer of protective plastic.

Decorate the sides

Take 12in lengths of curling ribbon and curl by pulling it between your thumb and scissor blade. Lay out the curling ribbon and tape it to the sides of the table cover in loops. At the top point of the loop tape some cut out card flowers or stars. You can also try twisting and taping multi-colored streamers around the table.

For a grown up party you could even request your guests to each get a dish and turn it into a charming potluck!

Sprinkle Confetti

If you have a punch for punching circular holes, punch lots of circles from colored paper and sprinkle them across the table or try sprinkling jellybeans. Kids love them and they look great. However they may be too tempting to last long!

Tableware to brighten things up

If you are incorporating a theme you can order glasses and plates related to your theme. However it might be a good idea to order solid colored supplies as well. Or the whole effect may be too busy. You could try keeping a large solid colored plate at the bottom with a smaller printed theme plate on it. Take care to see the cutlery is the same color as your solid colored plates. On each small plate place a party hat, blower or small toy.

Colorful food

Make sure the birthday cake is attractively decorated. Individually decorated cupcakes look great in a tray on the table and add immensely to the birthday spirit! Place large swirly lollipops in colorful bottles around the table for immediate impact!

Decide on the table cover first

The right centerpiece can make a world of difference to your party table. If you are going with a theme you can order a centerpiece of the same theme. For e.g. the centerpiece of the Disney castle looks great with the Disney Princess theme.

Alternatively you can also go in for a more generic centerpiece. Try filling a clear glass vase with colored marbles and cover halfway with water. Put in some colorful flowers to add a fresh, bright feel. Contrasting flowers in colored glass vases also look great. For e.g. yellow flowers in a blue glass vase. A very personal and effective centerpiece could be a framed group of pictures of the birthday person arranged in the center of the table.

Cutlery and napkins

Tie up cutlery sets with a ribbon ending in a bow or tie them up with colorful pompom yarn and place next to each setting. Fold solid colored paper napkins into interesting animal shapes and place on the table. You can also wrap the themed napkins around the solid colored cutlery and hold in place with a ribbon tied into a colorful bow.

Setting out party favors

Colorful favor bags or boxes also spice up the party table. Keep a corner free of the table to stack up the party favors in line. If the favors aren’t very large you can even put them together in a large beribboned wicker basket on the table.

Balloons and plate mobiles for effect

Don’t forget to tie balloons to individual chairs for a cheerful, colorful note. You can even write each child’s name on a paper label and paste it to his or her balloon according to the seating plan. Make inexpensive danging mobiles with theme plates and string them in a line (3-4 in a chain) and hang 4-5 chains above the table.