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Race car theme birthday party ideas in India

For a little boy who loves race cars, there is no better idea than a racecar theme birthday party. There are many different cars party ideas that can turn this theme into something extra fun. A racecar party can be very specific or generic depending on what you are looking to do and what your child wants. We have abundant thrilling ideas if you are looking for Racecar birthday party ideas in India.

Planning the Party
    • A racecar birthday party can be held indoors or out, as long as you have the right décor.
    • For kids who are old enough, a visit to a go-kart track is the perfect way to have a racecar birthday.
    • An outdoor location where kids have room to run is always a good idea, since the racecar theme can get them revved up.
    • Plan the party around your child's favorite racecar, driver, or even type of racecar.
    • To keep things simple, go with a generic racecar theme that makes it easy to find Racecar birthday party supplies.
Party Invitations
  • The easiest way to invite people to your racecar party is to pick up some of our ready to use race car invitations.
  • Cars party ideas for homemade invitations include a simple wheel shaped invitation cut out of construction paper.
  • For another easy homemade invitation, print black and white checkered flags around the information about the party.
  • Use racecar language in the invitations such as "rev your engines", and "cross the finish line" in order to create the right feeling.
  • Add stickers with racecars on them to add some color to your invitations.
  • Use red cardstock to make an easy & simple invite, add cutouts of racing cars, checkered flags and you may also add photograph of your child.
Party Games
  • Create a racetrack in your home or back yard, and supply die cast cars for the kids to race around the track.
  • Have the kids be the racecars – pin numbers to their shirts and wave the checkered flag at the end of the racetrack for them to reach.
  • Play pin the wheels on the racecar instead of pin the tail on the donkey.
  • If you visit an arcade, the kids can choose a racecar game and compete for the highest score. You can do this at home on a video game system as well.
  • A racecar piñata is always a fun choice for a racecar party.
Return Gifts
  • Hand out to each child a Hot Wheels car, or let them choose from the ones you have used for decorations.
  • Create a great racecar birthday party goodie bag from our collection of cute & inexpensive return gift supplies in India.
  • Hand out free admission passes to return or to visit a go-kart track for the first time.
Party Food
  • Make checkered flag brownies by baking both a chocolate and a blonde brownie, then alternating them on a tray.
  • Create the perfect racecar themed cake using our race car birthday party cake topper to bring it to life.
  • Decorate pizzas to look like wheels by placing pepperoni in a circle just around the outer side of the pizza.
  • Serve up racetrack food like hot dogs, French fries and sliders.
  • Turn cookies into wheels with black and white frosting for a delicious and easy treat.
Party Decorations
  • Hang green and checkered flags around the room.
  • Pin posters of race cars and drivers all over the walls, choose drivers your child likes best.
  • Select some decorations from our array of racecar party decorations to set the scene with ease.
  • Set a variety of different Hot Wheels cars around the room as decorations.
  • Hang a "finish line" banner over the table where the food is located.