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Polka Dot Party Ideas in India

A pink polka dot party gives you a lot of choices and options when it comes to planning and decorating. From adorable polka dot party invitations to a grand selection of polka dot party return gifts, you won't find a shortage of ideas to make this a party to impress.

Planning the Party

A pink polka dot party is a great choice for little girls of all ages from your toddler to your tween. Host parties for the little ones on a day of the week where their parents will be able to attend with them, like a Saturday afternoon. If hosting a party for an older set of girls then you should consider a sleepover party that all will thoroughly enjoy.

    • Ensure that you get your polka dot party supplies ordered with plenty of time so that you can account for potential supplier shortages and hiccups with shipping.
    • Start planning the party six to eight weeks ahead of the desired party date so that you can give everyone ample time to place the party on their schedule, and also ensure that you have sufficient time to make reservations if needed.
    • If your home doesn't offer enough space for a party then consider one of the many party event locations, a local park, or find out if your area YMCA has openings to accommodate a party of your size.
    • If the party is for a child older than five, consider allowing her to have a fair amount of input into her party. This will help you to ensure that she gets the exact party that she wants.
Party Invitations

For making party planning a snap, you can look for polka dot party supplies in India, including polka dot party invitations that are the perfect way to announce the party to your invited guests. Prepackaged polka dot party invitations can save you a lot of time, as can matching thank-you cards.

  • If you are hosting a pink polka dot party then you can't go wrong with some white stock card and some pink stickers. Another alternative is to use a pastel pink stock card for the base of your invitation and darker pink colored stickers and embellishments.
  • Gluing sequins or pink plastic gems to the invitations is a great way to add a bit of dazzle to each invitation.
  • To add even more glitz to polka dot party themes, add circles of glue to the invitations. Sprinkle your favorite color of glitter onto the glue and seal with a dab of mod podge to keep the glitter from rubbing off.
  • For a very unique spin on the invitation, include rounded pink candies with each invitation. M&Ms or Skittles are great choices for a sweet treat for each invited guest.
Party Games

Twister is a must for any polka dot party themes! Whether you spray paint circles on the lawn outside or use the classic Twister game board, this is a party game everyone will love.

  • Bingo can be a lot of fun, also. Use pink poker chips or even rounded pink candies as the bingo card markers.
  • Polka Dot Liftoff is a fun party game that entails inflating at least two balloons for each party guest, in two colors. Divide the party guests into teams, assigning a color to each team. The goal of this game is for the kids to keep all of their team's balloons in the air, while simultaneously trying to knock the opposing team's balloons down so they can be popped!
  • A similar game involves each team trying to pop their opposing team's balloons by running around and sitting on as many as they can in 30 seconds. You'll need a lot more balloons and a timer.
  • If appropriate for the age group, a glam station that includes costume jewelry and makeup is a fun dress-up game for the girls to play. Our selection of polka dot party favors includes costume jewelry and other pretty baubles that every girl will enjoy.
Return Gifts

Candy necklaces and buttons, along with gumballs, offer polka dotted sweet treats for later.

  • Bath salts and bath beads will keep the polka dot theme going, with a fun sweet scented twist.
  • Hair baubles and hair clips, along with polka dotted hair brushes are a must-have for every glam gal.
  • Polka dotted socks are fairly inexpensive and easy to find, along with polka dotted hairbands or umbrellas.
  • Polka dotted sunglasses, polka dot straws, blow outs, whistles, yo-yos, and other polka dot party return gifts will be the perfect way to thank guests for sharing in on this special day.
Party Food

Transform a simple white cake into a work of art with pastel pink fondant circles carefully placed over the cake. Use a bit of food glitter to add a bit of glitz to the cake.

  • Cake pops, cake toppers and cupcakes offer a bite-sized snack for your pink polka dot party, and will also be a snap to decorate with circular sprinkles, fondant circles, and even candied chocolate drops.
  • Chocolate peppermint bark with chocolate candies is a great alternative to individual chocolate sweets. Peppermint bark is very easy to make, there are dozens of variations so pick your favorite and get creative with the results.
  • Use a melon baller to create round balls of watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, pineapple, and even apple. Your polka dot fruit salad is sure to be a hit with everyone.
  • Chocolate chip cookies, along with frosted sugar cookies, and bake some cookies and give them colorful polka dot frosting in red and blue colors, a must have for every polka dot party. Use cookie cutters to ensure that you get the perfect circle with every cookie.
  • Hamburger sliders, along with pepperoni and olive mini pizzas, offer a savory meal for the party guests.
Party Decorations

You'll be seeing spots with some of these polka dot party ideas that include large pink polka dot cutouts on the walls, doors, and even the ceiling.

  • Pink and white balloons are great choices around the party space. Consider tying balloons to each chair, and ensuring there is a good mix of latex and Mylar balloons.
  • Polka dot balloons in bright colors like hot pink will liven up your party space instantly.
  • Polka dot party plates, along with cups and napkins, will continue the fun dotty theme.
  • We have a lot of polka dot party decorations that include spotted table cloths, along with solid color table cloths that can be dressed up or used as the perfect backdrop to the beautifully decorated table.
  • Foil polka dots and confetti are readily available at the majority of craft stores and will look great sprinkled on the party table.
  • Create a centerpiece for the table using an upside down ceramic planter that is covered in pretty pink polka dots, and a cupcake stand on top of it. Elegantly arranged cupcakes will complete your tasty centerpiece. An alternative would be to fill a fish bowl with pink and white gumballs!