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NASCAR Birthday Party Ideas in India

Get the little engines running by hosting a NASCAR theme birthday party in Indiathat is sure to be as much heart-pounding fun as a real NASCAR race is! Browse ourNASCAR birthday party supplies, and our fun-filled party ideas and have a super fun time.

Planning the Party
  • If you live near one of the NASCAR tracks then you are in luck! Hosting your NASCAR birthday party at one of the tracks is an exceptional idea that is sure to be a winner. Most of the tracks have private sections and boxes that they rent out during race day, so that guests can entertain in relative privacy.
  • An area park or other outdoor space will give you plenty of room to move around and spread out. It'll also make playing games a snap! If weather could threaten to be harsh at that time of the year, then you should consider an indoor locale with lots of space to roam around – like a recreational center, church event hall, or your local YMCA.
  • Local NASCAR teams often hold events at grocery stores, malls, and businesses. Find out if any will be visiting in your area and determine if they might consider swinging by your party spot.
  • Order your party supplies at least four to six weeks in advance of your party date so that you are all set once the big date rolls around. We have an exciting collection of Nascar Party Supplies in India, so,let all the party guests’ rev their engines and have a gala evening.
Party Invitations
  • Get some packages of NASCAR birthday party invitations in India to save you some time with the planning phase of your NASCAR party.
  • A craft stick and some black and white checkered paper will make a superb racing flag that you can write your party instructions on. Add a sticker of the NASCAR logo to the checkered flag, and consider adding a few stickers or other embellishments related to racing.
  • A simple card with the NASCAR logo on it, and a catchy phrase like "Start your engines and race on over to Tim's NASCAR party!"
  • Use glossy card stock to cut out the shape of a racing car. Decorate the front of the car invitation to imitate the birthday boy's favorite NASCAR racer, and write the party details on the rear of the car.
  • Include some NASCAR stickers with the invitations, and seal the invitations with another sticker.
  • A NASCAR pencil or straw is another great addition to your invitations.
Party Games
  • Set up a craft station for the kids to decorate wooden cutouts of race car shapes. With some glue, paints, buttons, stickers, and other great crafting embellishments, the little race fans are sure to have a lot of fun.
  • A relay race is a fun choice for a NASCAR party. Have someone hold out different color flags for the little race fans to take their cue from. When the flag holder randomly drops the red flag, the replacement racer will need to come in to finish the relay race.
  • Change up the classic pin the tail games with a rousing game of pin the tire on the race car.
  • Fill a jar up with some nuts and bolts and have the kids take guesses at how many are in the jar. Award the person who comes closest with their guess, with a fun prize.
  • A light hearted trivia game will test the little race fan's knowledge of drivers and the sport itself!
Party Decorations
  • Print out the NASCAR logo on a large banner and hang it up in the party space. You may also be able to find it ready-printed when you do a search for NASCAR party decorations.
  • Get some black and white checkered racing flags, or make some using poster board, and hang them on your front door, your garage, or above the party table. Smaller racing flags can also be used to line your driveway and pathway to your front door.
  • Create a centerpiece to decorate the party table with a model of a NASCAR vehicle and a balloon bouquet. Any racing car model will do just fine if you don't have a NASCAR specific model to use.
  • Get lots of  party balloons in the NASCAR colors, and get a Mylar balloon of a racing car and the NASCAR logo alike. Decorate all of the chairs in the party space with balloons to add a fun festive vibe.
  • Use poster board, construction paper, and some markers to create a large fuel pump with the words "Pit Stop" on the sign. Hang this sign over the party table, directly above the food.
  • Decorate the party table with a NASCAR themed tablecloth. Get some other NASCAR party supplies that include cups, plates, utensils, napkins, and even crazy straws.
Return Gifts
  • Go for NASCAR party supplies that will include some fun NASCAR party favors, including plastic race cars, blow outs, yo-yos, pencils, sticker sheets, and much more.
  • Coloring books and a few crayons will inspire creativity, especially if the coloring books are NASCAR themed.
  • Some metal toy cars are very inexpensive party favors to give out, and are sure to be a treat. Get one or two to pop into each party favor bag.
  • Don't forget to include a thank-you card to show your guests just how much you appreciate them sharing this NASCAR birthday with you.
Party Food
  • Keep your racing fans happy with simple race-day food that includes pizza, hot dogs, or hamburger sliders.
  • A nice hot spinach and artichoke dip, with some tortilla chips for dipping, is another NASCAR favorite. Nachos are an alternative you could offer for those who may not be that fond of spinach and artichoke dip.
  • A cheese ball, with some great crackers, is another NASCAR party favorite. Decorate the cheese ball with black olives so that it resembles a racing tire.
  • A veggie platter, along with pretzels and some dips like ranch and hummus are sure to be a tasty success.
  • A NASCAR birthday cake is a must-have for this party! A cake in the shape of a motor speedway is a great option; decorate it with some NASCAR party decorations in the shape of racing cars. Cupcakes with racing cake toppers are another option, as are cookies decorated to look like racing tires.