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My Little Pony Party Ideas in India

A My Little Pony party is a great choice for a little girl's special birthday celebrations. There are lots of My Little Pony birthday party goodies to help ensure this is a party she won't soon forget.

Planning the Party
    • A great place to hold a pony birthday party is a ranch or pony riding school. An alternative to that is to have a pony ride come to your house; with docile sweet ponies to ride on, the kids are sure to have a wonderful time.
    • Start planning your My Little Pony party at least six weeks in advance so that you have ample opportunity to make your reservations, order cakes and other My Little Pony party supplies. Six weeks, or more, will give your invited guests plenty of time to RSVP.
    • Get some My Little Pony DVDs to play during the party, especially if the weather could threaten to be uncooperative for an outdoor celebration.
    • Be sure to plan the party on a day where the most number of invited guests will be able to attend. Saturday morning parties tend to be the best choice because they allow parents to still get errands done, and spend their Sundays with their family.
Party Invitations
  • Outline and cut out pony shapes, using bright colored construction paper. Use pony-themed stickers on the invitations and write down the party details using a pretty silver or golden inked pen.
  • Get some die-cuts of your birthday girl's favorite My Little Pony character and create invitations featuring her favorite pony. Use creative phrasing like "Join Applejack and Meaghan to celebrate birthday fun!"
  • Seal each envelope with an adorable My Little Pony sticker, or use a My Little Pony stamp to decorate the envelopes.
  • Make up some adorable poetry to use on the cards, like "Neigh, hey! Hip, hip, hooray! Stacy is turning 6 today!" Have the birthday girl help with the poetry, after all this is her birthday!
  • Add a cute My Little Pony key chain or mini plush toy with the invitations as a little gift from the birthday girl.
  • If you are looking for pre-packaged little pony party invitations in India, you can explore our site.
Party Games
  • Pin the tail on the pony is a change up to the party classic and can be a lot of fun for all. Use construction paper to design your very own My Little Pony!
  • Finding horses in a haystack is a lot safer than finding needles, and it is sure to be a lot more fun for the kids. Hide plastic horses and other fun prizes inside a small hay stack for the kids to dig through.
  • Hang a little pony pinata and fill it with confettii and other fillers and let the kids have a fun time breaking down this pinata.
  • Hide a selection of plastic and plush horses around the party space for the children to find. The person who finds the most ponies is the winner of the game.
  • A game of pass the pony is sure to be fun as the party guests try their utmost to pass a pony off to the person next to them before the music comes to a stop.
  • Relay races are a fun way for the children to run, burn energy, and get to run around like their favorite ponies.
  • Allow the kids to unwind as the party draws to an end, by coloring in My Little Pony pages, by reading a few My Little Pony adventure books, or by watching one of the DVDs.
Return Gifts
  • Send guests home with their very own My Little Pony toy. They are not very expensive, which means that you can send each little guest home with her very favorite pony character.
  • Get some My Little Pony birthday party favors like blow outs, straws, sticker sheets, and combine them with fun dress up goodies like costume jewelry and other pretty baubles.
  • Hair brushes and hand mirrors are just what every little girl loves, along with some My Little Pony themed hair clips and bows.
  • My Little Pony party coloring books and crayons, along with a small container of Play-Doh, are some other fun favors to send home after the My Little Pony birthday party has ended.
Party Food
  • Rainbow cupcakes or sheet cake are the perfect additions to the My Little Pony party, add a light whipped meringue frosting and brightly colored sprinkles.
  • Make some scrumptious haystacks using coconut and softened chocolate. As the chocolate starts to firm up, shape teaspoon-sized pieces into little balls and allow them to firm up on parchment paper. A savory version of haystacks could be nachos with chili, cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and sour cream.
  • Use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of sandwiches, resulting in flower, star, and pony shapes. Be sure to make some shaped sugar cookies and decorate them with bright colors, or cut pony shapes out of fondant.
  • Trail mix is a great choice for a My Little Pony birthday party. Combine chocolate chips, raisins, granola, dried bananas, sunflower seeds, and other tasty healthy goodies.
  • Fruit kabobs offer a tasty treat that is easy to eat! Use grapes, melons, pineapple, blueberries, and apples to create your colorful kabobs.
  • Freeze Kool-Aid in ice trays and use the colored and flavored ice to add a bit more fun to fizzy lemonade.
Party Decorations
  • When working on your My Little Pony party decorations, be sure to get pastel and rainbow colored balloons like blue, red, yellow, pink, and purple. Decorate them in bunches around the party spot, and use helium to get them floating up to the ceiling and create a fun look for your ceiling.
  • Enlarge and print out some images of My Little Pony characters. Use them to decorate the party space, and use them on your fence in order to mark your home as the party spot.
  • Decorate the party space with pictures of clouds, rainbows, hearts, and pink horseshoes.
  • Cover the party tables with My Little Pony party tablecloth, and use our selection of My Little Pony birthday party supplies to create great place settings with themed plates, forks and spoons, cups, straws and napkins.
  • Print out images of My Little Ponies and laminate them so that they will work nicely as placements for each spot at the table.
  • Create centerpieces for the tables using blow outs, My Little Pony plastic toys, and a few balloons.