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Monsters Birthday Party Ideas in India

Monsters may be scary in theory, but a monster birthday party can be a lot of fun and laughs too. These monster party ideas will let you create a screaming good time for your birthday child. No matter what type of monster your child likes, monster birthday party ideas will get you on the track to a great day he or she will never forget.

Planning the Party
  • Decide whether you want a general monster theme or a specific type of monster. Monster party ideas include the Disney film Monsters, Inc, Frankenstein type monsters, or just a generic monster idea.
  • You can have a monster party inside or outside, depending on the weather. Choose a location where noise won't be a problem since monsters tend to screams
  • If you plan an evening party, it will be a bit scarier. Make sure it's age appropriate and the kids won't be too afraid.
  • Plan a monster movie marathon slumber party for older kids who won't have nightmares.
  • Be sure to check ahead of time with other parents if you plan to do anything scary, so they are aware and can offer input on their child's fears.
Party Invitations
  • If you are looking for some Pre-made, ready to use monster birthday party invitations in India, we have collection of monster theme invites for you that are the quickest way to get your invitations out to friends.
  • Find pictures of monsters and print them out to create your own invitations quickly and easily. Have your kids color them.
  • Add monster google eyes and antennas to a simple cutout of a monster shape in construction paper to add life to a monster birthday party invitation.
  • Use scary wording like "It will be a scream!" to make the invitations fun.
  • Make sure that if it's a slumber party, the invitation includes that information.
Party Decorations
  • Hang monster movie posters on the walls for quick decor.
  • Place monster hands and face peeking out from around corners and behind doors.
  • Create a great monster scene at your party venue with our monster birthday party supplies in India.
  • Use paint to create monster footprints across large pieces of paper, and handprints as well. Place them on the floor and hang them on the walls.
  • Your party decor can be very specific to the monster of choice or can include many different. Monsters, and make balloon bunches using monster theme latex and monster foil balloons.
  • Hang a sign that says "beware of monsters" at the door where people will enter.
Party Games
  • Provide a variety of craft supplies and invite kids to make their own monster.
  • Hide monster pictures or dolls in common monster places such as closets or under the bed, and challenge the kids to find all the monsters.
  • Play name-that-monster with flash cards of classic movie monsters like a mummy, Count Dracula, and Godzilla. The older the kids, the harder you can make these.
  • Play a game of tag where whoever is it is the "monster" and the rest must run away or be turned into a monster as well.
  • Have a dance contest on the classic song Monster Mash.
Return Gifts
  • Our great selection of monster theme supplies provides many monster party ideas for great party favors.
  • Fill a goodie bag with little toy monsters, and add some candy for fun.
  • Hand out DVDs of classic monster movies to each guest. Make sure they are age appropriate.
Party Food
  • Monster cupcakes are fun and easy to make with multi-colored frosting and various faces made out of candy. Make teeth, eyes and antennae.
  • Make everything oversized: monster cookies, monster sandwiches, monster pretzels (the large ones) for a big monstrous meal.
  • Make a great monster birthday party cake with a cake topper from our great selection of monster party supplies.
  • Draw monster faces on cookies with frosting for a tasty and scary treat.
  • Don't forget the popcorn for watching those scary monster movies.