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Real Mommy Stories - Monika Thakur

Monika Thakur


“Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother” I am sure, like me every mother can relate to this beautiful quote. The most joyful & precious moment of my life so far has been when my little bundle of joy was placed in my arms for the very first time.

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Monika Thakur

I am Monika and a mother of a lovely daughter named Aradhya. From sleepless nights to dirty diapers, the journey of motherhood has been a thrilling & emotional ride for me. I remember the day when my 4 years old daughter came to me and handed me a Mother’s Day card. Receiving a sweet handmade card with her tiny hands full of color was an amazing feeling. Her t-shirt had a splash of color too and with those expressive eyes she cutely murmured ‘Happy Mother’s Day mom, I love you. I hugged her tight and feeling those tiny arms around my neck I truly felt blessed!

Being a mommy has been a rollercoaster ride experiencing never ending emotions and challenges at the same time. All memories of watching her favorite cartoon with her for the millionth time, scolding her to find a sweet & naughty smile under a face full of chocolate, playing peek-a-boo in the garden until she is tired, spending hours singing her favorite rhymes along with her. When I look back now, I feel all those moments spent with her are my lifetime treasure.

In the middle of my trials and errors, my little bundle grew out of being a bundle and is now a grown up girl who makes sense whenever she talks and often surprises me with her mature talks. Watching her blossom into a beautiful person that I had always hoped fills my heart with joy and pride.

I love every bit of being a mother and this is my story!

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