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Topic: easy craft ideas for my daughter

Hi my daughter is 6 years old and is good at drawing. Can somebody give me simple craft ideas for her?
Hey Dear I m also a mother of lovely daughter and keep trying different crafts.Good to hear that your daughter is creative too and you are nurturing her artistic skills..I am suggesting you some craft ideas for your girl that even my daughter has tried and loved it..so here you go..
1. Beaded Bracelet or Necklace: Buy for her some colourful beads, a good quality string, and a needle. Teach your daughter how to carefully string the beads together with a needle. And let her make the rest. I am sure that she will love it as lil' girls are usually fond of jewellery :) But be careful with the needle use.
2. Flower Pen: You need a flower, a pen, and a green coloured tape. Hold a flower at one side of the pen and wrap a tape covering both stem of a flower and pen tightly. Simple as it is!
3. A greeting card decorated with pencil-shavings: Some colourful pencils, a sharpener, a glue, a white/colourful chart, poster colours. Fold a chart and cut it into a size of card. Sharp the pencils and collect pencil shavings. Now carefully glue these pencil shavings on the edges of  a card in a symmetry. After they get dry, colour these using poster colours. Use a pen to write down your wishes according to the occasion. You can use the pencil shavings to create any other design of your choice. 
4. A pen stand: You need a cylindrical plastic bottle, glue, colourful glace papers, scissors, and decoration material like stickers, buttons, etc. Cut & throw away the upper part of the bottle and cover the bottle with a glace paper using glue. Now decorate it using stickers, glitters, anything you like. And yay! it's ready to be used.
5. A party hat: You need a chart (any colour), glue, glitters, smileys to decorate. Start with folding a chart paper into a cone shape. Seal both the ends according to the head size with a glue. Decorate it with funny smileys and stickers. Now wear it and be ready to rock the party.
Let me know if it helped..

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