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Topic: allergies

My son is allergic to dust or any kind of fur. Now he is asking for a puppy as a pet. I am afraid that presence of a dog in the house may trigger some allergies in him. what should I do? 
Hi dear, I also have a Lab dog as a pet and my lil kiddo loves playing with it. Younger kids are often fond of puppies however if you think your son is allergic then it is not a good idea. But i think before reaching to any decision you must figure out the exact cause of his allergy. I am also allergic to dust and dirt but not to my pet :). My suggestion is, visit your friend or relative who's having a pet, observe the reactions on your son. If you find any of these symptoms like his eyes start swelling and he sneeze uncontrollably every time he is near a dog, develops reddish skin after being licked by a dog, then yes, he is probably allergic to dogs. When you get sure that he is allergic to pets make him understand politely that why can't you go for taming a pet. Tell your son how this can affect his health and well-being. I am sure he will create a fuzz in the beginning but will surely understand after a while. Lemme know did it worked..

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