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Topic: Two year baby girl hasn't started speaking yet

Poonam Rai
Hi, My daughter is two years old. She hasn't started speaking yet and I'm worried about it. Will that be a cause for delay in her speech? Should I see a doctor? Please help, suggest me something.

Hey dear, I am a mommy of a four year old daughter. I love my darling to the moon and back :). We had a similar experience with our daughter, who began talking properly only after turning three. I got so worried that I used to ask my mother and friends who were already parents 'bout what's the matter with my lil' angel. Finally, I and my husband decided to go to a speech therapist and thankfully everything was normal with the baby, it is just some children start speaking late. So, I would suggest before consulting a doc, examine if ur baby rolls her tongue, can stick her tongue out and whenever your baby babbles imitate the sound and if your baby tries to make the same sound you do say the word again. If it doesn't work then visit a Therapist he will give her some mouth exercises that will help triggering speech faster. I have gone through the similar situation so can understand your anxiety. Hope this will help. 

Requesting other mums to help Poonam with their suggestions :)

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