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Mom of the Month
Poonam Rai

Such tiny little feet, so sweet & neat, Our lil baby girl makes our life complete! I am Poonam mother of a baby girl named Aadya, since the arrival o...

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Mom’s Recipe Corner
Christmas Tree Cup Cakes to please your taste buds

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Some Great Party Ideas
Boys Birthday Party Ideas in India

With some great boy birthday party ideas, you can throw a party that your little fella and his friends won't soon forget. There are so many birthday p...

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Parenting Blog

How to Plan a Nutritious Diet for Your Child

Kids are too young to understand the significance of healthy food but you, as a parent have to be on your toes to ensure you provide them with their d... Read More

5 Factors That Ensure Proper Development of Your Child

Protective factors are the conditions in your family and community which help in improving the well-being and health of your child. These factors, whi... Read More

Why Bedtime Stories are Important for your Child's Development?

Story telling is a wonderful activity, which almost all kids enjoy. You become happy and contended when you see your kid’s excited face while listen... Read More

Top 5 Kids Indoor Games & Activities to Keep Them Busy During Summer Vacation

In summer, when the weather is too hot outside, kids are pretty much likely to get bored. They cannot avoid running, screaming, and jumping but cannot... Read More

Child Development Stages and Things You Must Know About Them

Even though developmental milestones are just estimates of assessing the child's development, they are a great tool to know if your child is progressi... Read More

Thumb Sucking and How to Overcome it

Thumb sucking is natural for toddlers; they suck their thumbs because this provides comfort to them. It is scientifically proven that infants get thum... Read More

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