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Lion King Birthday Party Ideas in India

Hakuna Mata! We have some great Lion King Birthday party ideas in India to help you throw a wonderful party fit for royalty. The movie remains popular amongst kids of all ages, and offers a lot of choices and interesting directions to take your Lion King party in.

Planning the Party
  • Some great Lion King Birthday party ideas include hosting the party outdoors so that the true savannah feel can be experienced. A park or local playground will also offer plenty of wide open space.
  • Consider hosting the Lion King birthday party at your local zoo or animal sanctuary so that the kids can interact with the animals they are surrounded by.
  • Be sure to plan the party a minimum of 6 weeks in advance, ideally 8 to 10 weeks. This will ensure you have plenty of time to get your ordered Lion King birthday party supplies delivered, and also ensure that everyone can mark the date on their calendar.
  • Ask for help planning and decorating for the party. Many hands truly do make light work, and will help to relieve you of some of the stress that invariably accompanies planning a celebration.
Party Invitations
  • Shop for Lion King Birthday party supplies including Lion King themed invitations and thank-you cards. Pick up a few packages of each to help you save a bit of time, planning the party.
  • Cardstock and some great die-cuts with the Lion King theme can give you the tools for creating fun birthday invitations.
  • Cut out the cardstock in the shape of a Lion and use soft crafting felt of velvet to create textured areas, like the nose or mane that will add a fun twist.
  • Timon and Pumba are two favorite characters from the Lion King movies so be sure to include them on the invitations. A fun idea is to include some snappy phrases from the two, on the invitations. Hakuna Mata, of course, is a popular choice.
  • Attach a note card-styled invitation to a small plush toy of Simba or Nala and hand-delivered the invitations.
  • Create personalized Lion King Birthday invitations with some simple image manipulation software. A picture of Lion can be merged with a picture of your child to place their face into a favorite character's body. They make a truly unique birthday invitation that doubles as a keepsake; have a look at the invite picture given below.
Party Games
  • Pin the tail on Scar is a fun game that will let everyone get in on the act of punishing Scar for his misdeeds!
  • Coloring pages, along with non-toxic crayons and paints will let their creative side come out to romp.
  • Lion, Hyena is a fun twist on the duck, duck, goose party classic
  • A Lion King party themed pinata will give everyone the change to take turns trying to get at the goodies inside of the piñata. Include fun candy surprises and Lion King return gifts.
  • Playing a rousing game of tag is a lot of fun when the person who is "it" pretends to be Scar or one of the other villainous characters from the movie.
  • If the party could potentially get rained out, be sure that you have the Lion King movies on hand to pop in for entertaining the kids.
Return Gifts
  • Some fun Lion King birthday party ideas for return gifts that girls will enjoy include a plush Nala of their own, key chains, theme candles, stickers, coloring books, and pencils.
  • Pretty hair bands and clips, along with themed costume jewelry will make every little royal party guest feel special.
  • Little boys will enjoy squirt guns, bouncing balls, army men, dinosaurs, cars, and also the stickers and coloring books.
  • Include a few sweet treats for each guest. A package of gummy grubs will be perfect!
  • A DVD of the Lion King movie is a sure hit that everyone will appreciate. If including the movie in the goodie bags then you might also want to include a bag of microwave popcorn.
Party Food
  • Some fun Lion King party ideas for drinks include freezing gummy worms inside of ice cubes floating in green punch or juice. Of course a good selection of gummy worms and other gummy bugs will please your little grub-eating party guests.
  • Our selection of Lion King party cake toppers will be the crowning touch to the birthday cake or cupcakes.
  • Cake pops and cookies that have been decorated like some of the movie characters are a surefire hit. Decorate the cookies with lion paw prints made from frosting or fondant.
  • Some snacks ideas include pigs in blankets, mini sandwiches cut out in the shapes of lions, and fresh fruit and vegetable trays. Chips and dip are also a popular choice.
  • Pizza, hotdogs, and burgers are all great choices for parties, especially if you are looking for low-maintenance meal choices.
  • Turkey drumsticks and ribs are sure to please the little carnivores, while potato salad and grilled corn offer a bit of variety.
Party Decorations

Cover the party table with mismatched teacups, a chandelier, oversized teacups, and even some mini teacups, like those you'd find in a tea set for dolls.

  • A birthday banner is just the start to your Lion King party decorations. Hang the banner between doorways, and ensure that lots of colorful streamers are also decorating the party space.
  • A combination of latex balloons and Lion King party Mylar balloons will add a festive cheer to the party. Be sure to tie some party balloons to your mailbox so that people can easily identify your house as the party zone.
  • Decorate your party space with poster board that has been decorated to look like the lush green forest where Simba grew up. Include lots of grubs and other insects to the décor!
  • Include posters, cutouts, and vinyl clings of the characters from the movies, as well as other wild animals like giraffes, elephants, and zebras.
  • We have lots of Lion King party ideas for decorating the party tables. Starting with themed tablecloths that can be coordinated with Lion King birthday party paper plates, cups, napkins, and return gifts.
  • Create a centerpiece for each party table, using plush Simba cubs and other characters from the movies, like Nala, Timon, Pumba, and Zazu.
  • A large cutout of Simba, with the face space open, will let the kids pose as Simba for photo opportunities. This will give each kid the perfect memento from the party to take home with them.