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What is Pinata

The name 'pinata' find its origin from the Italian word 'pignatta' which means fragile pot. This is for the reason since early piñatas were made using clay containers they were used for carrying water. These containers were usually filled with fruits and nuts.

Pinata as a party activity

Piñata is a classic game and is used in almost every celebration including birthdays, baby shower, Anniversary and other themed parties. This fun party activity is a huge hit with the kids and adults alike and keeps guests entertained. Piñata’s are hung in the air, can be on a tree or pole and guests take their turns to swing a stick at Piñata to break them open and enjoy the shower of hidden surprised inside. To make it even more fun guests are blindfolded when striking the piñata.

Pinata History

The history of piñata is filled with folklore and legend and can be traced back to 400 years ago wherein they were used for celebrating a good harvest. Although these days’ piñatas are purely used for fun party activities but they have long and rich history associated with their origin.As per the records, origin of piñata finds its roots in China. It is believed that in China it was used in the shape of animal figures such as an ox or cow to celebrate the arrival of New Year. Chinese people use to fill it with different types of seeds and then hit it with stick until it is broken. Then left overs were burnt and people use to keep ashes for good luck. Gradually, the tradition found its place in Europe in early 14th century and was brought to Mexico also in the 16th century and slowly adopted by the Spanish, French and Italians. However, the interpretation of Piñata differed from region to region. One belief that remained same everywhere was that the person who breaks open this piñata is showered with immense good luck. Over the years, piñata has become a popular party activity and is used in many types of celebrations and the creation of piñata has taken a more artistic and advance approach.

Today's Pinata

Piñata has evolved over the years and there are so many piñata possibilities that it wouldn’t be too much to say your imagination is the limit. Piñatas are available in numerous styles & shapes from popular superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, and Avengers to classic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Despicable Me. In addition, piñatas can be find in other fascinating shapes like strawberry, rainbow, cars and myriad of Disney characters like Cinderella, Ariel the Mermaid to sports piñata like soccer shape and basket ball shape piñata to name a few.

Pinata Material

Piñatas are made up of easily breakable material such as Paper Mache, Cardboard, Tissue paper, Balloons, Reeds and even Paper Bags. These piñatas are usually then covered with bright and colorful paper to look attractive. Now-a-days one can find piñata in varied shapes and styles. People who are blessed with gift of craftiness also make DIY piñata’s at home using paper Mache and balloons however piñata making at home is time consuming and are not as stylish & sophisticated as store bought piñatas.

Pinata Types
  • Traditional Piñata -Traditional piñatas were usually decorated clay pots or in the shape of animal figures. The other common design in traditional piñatas included a seven pointed star, horses and burros. These piñatas were usually made of paper Mache or cardboard and were broken by hitting with a stick or pole. Traditional piñatas are filled with candies and other goodies and participants need to break open this piñata with a piñata buster or stick to enjoy the hidden treasure.
  • Pull String Piñata - Pull string piñatas came across as a safer option especially for younger kids. The feature that gives pull string piñatas an edge is safety & reusability. These piñatas have multiple strings hanging underneath them and pulling the right string will open the doors to hidden treasure inside consisting of candies, small toys and other piñata fillers. This piñata needs to be suspended from a height where kids can easily reach. This piñata does not require hitting with a stick or piñata buster thus safer option for young kids. It can be reused later as a decoration.
Pinata Accessories
  • Piñata Buster - When playing piñata game, a piñata buster is a must accessory to break it open in a smashing style and enjoy shower of goodies. Piñata busters come in much variety, are usually made of hard plastic and are well decorated with colorful paper. Stick is light weight so that kids can carry it easily.
  • Blindfold - Double the fun by making kids blindfold while playing this fun piñata game. Blindfold is a piñata game essential and comes in colorful designs. These blindfolds are generally made of crepe paper and come with an attached elastic band to slip over the head securely. So, slip it over and enjoy a smack at the Piñata!
  • Pinata Fillers - Piñata fillers contain enough goodies and are perfect to fill up any standard piñata. These fillers usually consist of tons of candies, small toys, and assortment of other treats that are enjoyed by kids. A standard piñata can easily accommodate approx 2 pounds of piñata fillers./li>
Pinata Safety Instructions
  • When kids are playing piñata game make sure it is played under adult supervision.
  • Use specially designed piñata busters rather than broom handles or wooden sticks.
  • Make sure all players remain at least 20 ft. away from singing piñata buster.
  • Players must gently put down piñata buster before rushing in to get treats.
  • It is flammable. So keep way from open flames or fires.