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Justin Bieber Birthday Party Ideas in India

Do you have teenager at home who simply gets Goosebumps listening to Justin Bieber? Surprise her by hosting a Justin Bieber theme birthday party. With some great Justin Bieber party ideas, you'll be able to throw your tween or teen a superb Justin Bieber party that her and her friends are sure to thoroughly enjoy and swoon!

Planning the Party
    • A sleepover is a popular choice for a Justin Bieber birthday party. With just a few of her really close friends, your daughter is sure to have an incredible birthday party.
    • An afternoon or early evening party is a great way for your birthday girl to feel a bit more grown up on her special day.
    • Get a copy of the Justin Bieber movie, along with DVDs of his concerts, and his CDs to provide entertainment for the party.
    • Be sure to plan the Justin Bieber party at least six weeks out from the planned party date so that you have plenty of time to get the Justin Bieber birthday party supplies delivered.
Party Invitations
  • There are a lot of choices for Justin Bieber birthday invitations in India, so pick up some prepackaged invitations and coordinating thank-you notes to save yourself some time during planning the party. You can explore our collection.
  • A nice and simple invitation option is to print on glossy postcards, designing the invitation with a musical theme. A musical notes border will provide a nice elegant touch to the invitations.
  • With lots of stickers and die-cuts of the young pop star, you have endless options to create invitations. Have the birthday girl get creative with the design of her cards, while you focus on penning in the party details.
  • Use fun and creative phrases on the cards, like "Justin Bieber wants you! To join us for a rocking party!"
  • Have the birthday girl hand-deliver the birthday invitations, with some fun rubber arm bracelets or a Justin Bieber themed pen, straw, pencil or sheet of stickers.
Party Games
  • A piñata game would be a perfect treat for the excited girls. Fill our Justin Bieber theme piñata with lots of tasty fillers and let the girls go crazy while trying to break it open.
  • Plant a kiss on Justin Bieber game will surely make everyone roll out of laughter. This game is a variation of the classic pin the tail on the donkey game. Ask the girls to put on hot pink or red lipstick, blindfold them, and let them try planting a kiss on Justin's lips.
  • Girls will really enjoy the 'Pass the microphone' game, a variation of 'pass the hot potato'. Get a plastic microphone and ask the girls to pass it around while you play the Justin Bieber music. When the music stops, the person having the microphone will be out of the game.
Return Gifts
  • Justin Bieber has his own line of bath and beauty products that are a great choice for Justin Bieber return gifts. Bubble bath, soap, body lotion, lip gloss, and even perfume are all sure to make your little Bieber-fans scream with excitement.
  • Some Justin Bieber CDs will also be great return gifts. An alternative to giving the guests his CDs, you could offer gift cards to iTunes so that they can purchase their favorite songs for their MP3 players.
  • Some other Justin Bieber party ideas for return gifts could include costume jewelry, hand mirrors, and even hair brushes.
  • Justin Bieber party straws are another fun choice, along with a cup or mug with a Bieber theme.
  • Just Bieber party ideas for younger party guests could include sticker sheets, rubber bracelets, and even a few sweet candy treats but don't forget to slip them into a Justin Bieber Gift Bag.
Party Food
  • There are numerous edible Justin Bieber cake stickers that can customize a sheet cake just the way the birthday girl wants it. Another option for a cake is to use a guitar-shaped cake pan and design the cake using a number of Justin Bieber party supplies and cake decorations.
  • Pretty pink frosted cupcakes, stacked on a nice tiered cupcake stand will lend a sophisticated touch to the party. Cake pops, brownies, and cookies are all also great sweet treats to offer.
  • Shirley Temples are fun and grown-up enough for your tweens to enjoy! With some ginger ale and alcohol free grenadine, along with some cherries, the party guests and birthday girl will feel quite sophisticated! And of course, you can't go wrong with a selection of soft drinks, and energy drinks.
  • Pizza sticks, along with carrots and ranch dressing are popular choices, and are said to be amongst Justin's favorite foods! Spaghetti bolognaise is also said to be one of his favorite meals, which will make it really easy for prep, since this is one super easy meal to whip up!
  • Slice apples and bananas, and then dip them in chocolate. Cover them with sprinkles if you'd like to add a bit of extra color.
Party Decorations
  • Some great Justin Bieber party ideas for decorations include getting some Justin Bieber latex balloons, along with some coordinating Justin Bieber Foil Balloon to lend a really nice festive air to the party.
  • Some other Justin Bieber birthday decorations can include posters and vinyl wall clings of the superstar. Birthday banners and streamers will add a nice colorful party vibe to the party space.
  • Decorate the Justin Bieber party table with a table cloth that matches the rest of the party décor. Coordinate it with our selection of Justin Bieber birthday party supplies that include beautifully printed and boldly colored plates, napkins, cups, and so much more.
  • Use black construction paper, along with a silver craft pen, to create records that can be suspended from the ceiling, or taped to the walls. If you have access to a thrift store, you may also be able to find some old vinyl records for a very affordable price.
  • Use purple and black glossy paper to cut out star shapes. Glue them to streamers and suspend them from the ceiling to create that superstar vibe.
  • Plastic microphones, along with some you have made from construction paper, will look awesome decorating the party space.
  • Consider getting a life-sized cutout of Justin Bieber for the party. This will also make a great prop for the girls to pose next to for pictures.