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Real Mommy Stories - Jasbir Kaur

Jasbir Kaur

Kharar, Punjab

Motherhood is the most beautiful chapter in every woman’s life. And being a mother of a boy named ‘Sahej’ I can say indeed it is the most cherished phase of my life too.

Real Mommy Stories - Jasbir Kaur
Jasbir Kaur

My first year of motherhood was a mixed bag of celebrations, challenges, joys, sorrows, laughs and tears. I can’t forget the day when two weeks before my son’s first birthday he had high fever, was restless and weeping whole day. I was panicked, worried and hurt as doctors discovered he was infected with dengue and need to be admitted in hospital for observation. Hearing that I experienced whirlwind of emotions inside, imagining my bundle of joy away from me for a night seemed the toughest. Thankfully he recovered in next to no time and we celebrated his first birthday with a bang.

Be it the memory of his first crawl around the house or the sense of his first kiss from those tender lips that was just oodles of drool on my face is still vivid in my heart and often brings smile on my lips whenever I think about.

Time is passing quicker than I can ever imagine he is 4 now and keeps everyone in the house at toes. He is apple of his grandfather’s eye and shares an amazing friendship bond with him. He has completed my life in every way.

I am a doting daughter, I am a loving wife, I am a caring sister, I am an obedient daughter-in law but among all these identities, the identity of being a mother is what defines me best and touches my soul.

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