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Real Mommy Stories - Isha Sharma

Isha Sharma


Being a mother is the most joyful, elated and rewarding experience. Kids challenge you, mould you and in many ways define you. You are no longer free to pursue whatever you want - even if all you want is to sleep through the night.

Real Mommy Stories - Isha Sharma
Isha Sharma

God blessed me with a baby girl and we named her "MORISHA". Bringing her to life was one of the toughest moments of my life which turned to the most beautiful and the best moment of my life.I cant forget the  the way she looked at  me and her first touch, her tiny feet and small fingers, made me feel so much special. Everyone was  happy and she instantly became everyone’s favorite. My father in law and husband would never put her down and would compete to hold her first.  My husband once had to stay away for a month due to work and when he met her after a month, she could not recognize him with a beard grown over this time and started crying.

We celebrated her monthly birthdays till she turned one.

Now she is a year and half old and I have returned to work. Morisha stays with my mom in law who is a doting granny and takes wonderful care of Morisha.. I miss my baby but thanks to the technology that lets me stay connected to my little angel. I can hear her voice any time I want to and can see her beautiful moments captured through the day which my tech savvy mom in law keeps sending to me. I am blessed with a beautiful daughter and an amazingly supportive mom in law.

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