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Hot wheels Birthday Party Ideas in India

A Hot Wheels birthday party is the ideal choice for a little boy with a love of all things cars! A Hot Wheels birthday is sure to be one that he and his friends thoroughly enjoy.

Planning the Party
    • If the weather is going to cooperate, then hosting the Hot Wheels party outdoors is a great way to ensure you have plenty of space for games and other Hot Wheels birthday activities. Reserve space at a local park, or consider a local arboretum for lots of space for the kids to race around.
    • Host the party at a movie theatre for a private showing of some of their favorite race car movies. A lot of discount movie theatres are often willing to rent out theatres for private showings.
    • Be sure that you place your order for Hot Wheels party supplies at least a month in advance of the planned party date so that you have plenty of time to get them in your hands.
    • Call or email the Hot Wheels marketing department to find out if they have any posters or cut outs that they can send to you. Many times they will happily send over a few goodies to help the birthday boy celebrate his special day.
Party Invitations
  • Cut out the shape of a truck or a car using some glossy poster board. Use stickers and die-cuts to decorate your Hot Wheels birthday party invitation.
  • Some prepackaged Hot Wheels birthday invitations are a great way to save yourself some time while planning the party. Be sure to pick up several packages of thank-you notes so that you are ready with them at the end of the party.
  • Use a photo design program; design a great card with some images of Hot Wheels cars, checkered flags with a picture of your birthday boy. Use some creative wording on the cards, like "Race on over for some roaring Hot Wheels party fun!"
  • Include some Hot Wheels stickers and pencils with each invitation. Consider sealing the back of the envelope with a Hot Wheels sticker, or an image of a car tire.
  • A Hot Wheels car is an inexpensive gift to present to your invited guests, and is just the thing needed to get them into a fun car-themed mood for the party.
Party Games
  • Get some bean bags toys and an old tire. A tire toss game is sure to be a lot of fun. Give each child three bean bags, with the object of the game being that they have to get all three bean bags thrown into the tire in order to win the jackpot prize. Offer prizes for everyone that plays so no one feels left out.
  • A good old-fashioned race is perfect for your Hot Wheels birthday party! Get a checkered racing flag to use at the starting line, and tie some streamers between two trees or fence posts at the finish line.
  • Pin the wheel or the tire on the car is a fun twist on the classic party game.
  • Speaking of twists, a rousing game of Twister is a lot of fun, and can inspire endless laughter for all.
  • Get some little wooden cars and some paints for the guests to decorate and take home with them
  • You can also tell kids, to have hot wheels cars race giving them a fun hot wheels car.
  • Pass the Hot Wheel is similar to the pass the hot potato game, where the person left holding the car when the music stops is out of the game until the next round.
Return Gifts
  • Use a tin lunch box with a car on it as the goodie "bag." This is sure to be a huge hit.
  • Hot Wheels temporary tattoos are a lot of fun for boys of all ages.
  • Stickers, coloring books, pencils and crayons are also sure to inspire creativity after the Hot Wheels birthday party.
  • Some car-themed candies, found in the candy section of most stores, offers a sweet treat for all.
  • Stock up on Hot Wheels cars the next time that they are on sale and you'll have plenty to give out after the Hot Wheels birthday shindig.
  • For easy and inexpensive return gifts for boys explore our collection that includes bounce balls, spin tops, party dough and more.
Party Food
  • Cookie cutters in the shape of cars, trucks, and even planes is a great way to cut out sandwiches and even sugar cookies.
  • A great choice for the Hot Wheels birthday cake is a cake in the shape of a car, truck or wheel. Pick the vehicle that your birthday boy is most fond of, and decorate the cake to resemble his favorite as much as possible.
  • Use some Hot Wheels party decorations, including cake toppers and other car themed décor, to decorate the top of a sheet cake or the tops of cupcakes.
  • Ice blocks frozen in car-shaped molds are a fun addition to any party table. Add a bit of food coloring to the car ice blocks and float them in punch, lemonade, or water.
  • Serve up some party favorites in the form of deli meats and cheeses, chips, dips, fruit and vegetables, and even some pigs in blankets.
Party Decorations
  • Make a big party banner, using construction paper and some car-themed stickers. The banner could say "Start Your Engines!" or "Race On In For Some Fun!" "Welcome Hot Wheels Fans" is another fun option.
  • Get some Hot Wheels green racer balloons and use one or two Hot Wheels cars to anchor the balloons. Be sure that you also tie some balloons to the chairs around the party spot.
  • Cover the party tables with black and white checkered tablecloths. Alternatively you could use a solid colored table cloth and dress up the table with other Hot Wheels themed items.
  • Get some plastic orange cones and use them to line your driveway and the pathway to your home. Use some of them indoors to surround the birthday table.
  • Print out images of Hot Wheels onto construction paper, and laminate the paper to be used as placemats for the party.
  • Get some wood cuts out of cars and trucks, found at most craft supply stores, and write the names of the guests down on them. Use these as place card at each table setting at the party table.
  • Get some Hot Wheels Party decorations to help finish out your decorating, including stickers, wall vinyl clings, and banners.