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Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas in India

Everyone's favorite pink kitty offers up lots of fun-filled Hello Kitty birthday party ideas. Surround your birthday girl with lots of pink, hair bows, and daisies for a truly special birthday she won't soon forget!

Planning the Party
    • With the party being primarily toned in pinks and purples, it may not be the most interesting environment for a little boy. Encourage your birthday girl to keep the guest list to her closest friends, all girls.
    • A Hello Kitty birthday party slumber party is a popular choice for young ladies. Get all of the girls Hello Kitty pajamas and they are sure to have a night filled with pink laughter and fun.
    • Plan the party for a Saturday afternoon so that all of the kids will be able to easily attend. Planning for the afternoon also ensures that they have plenty of time to get to their weekend sporting commitments.
    • Hosting the party in your home is a great choice, but if you need more space then consider a party venue, area park, or your local YMCA.
Party Invitations
  • Our selection of Hello Kitty party supplies includes a great lineup of Hello Kitty birthday invitations for you to pick from. Be sure to pick up some thank-you notes so that you'll be all set to send them out after the party or home with guests in the party favor bags.
  • Brightly colored pink poster board can be cut out into the familiar shape of the Hello Kitty bow. Embellish it with a few glued on craft gems and write the party details on the back of the bow, with a black pen.
  • Cut out the familiar shape of Hello Kitty's head and use a marker to create her black button eyes and yellow nose. Add a real pink ribbon, and use thin strips of felt as her whiskers.
  • Get a few Hello Kitty head bands with ears or bows attached to them. Tie these little gifts to the notecard-styled invitations and hand-deliver the invites.
  • Simplicity is often an elegant choice and you can't go wrong with creating invitations that have soft pastel pink strips or hearts on them.
Party Games

A Hello Kitty Glam Station filled with costume jewelry, beads, and lip glosses will let the girls have a lot of fun getting dolled up. Make sure that each girl has a pair of Hello Kitty ears or a pink bow to wear in her hair.

  • Have a kitty race, with each of the party guests racing on their hands and knees to the finish line!
  • Hello Kitty is all about friendship, so some fun Hello Kitty party ideas can include teaching the girls how to make friendship bracelets using pink beads, embroidery floss, and other Hello Kitty themed charms.
  • Some other Hello Kitty party games could have your changing up the hot potato classic party game and use a Hello Kitty plush doll instead. Pass the toy around until the music stops! The last child left holding the plush doll is the winner! Pin the bow on the kitty is another fun change on the traditional party games.
  • A treat-filled Hello Kitty pinata will provide lots of fun for the party guests. Use a piece of pink fabric for the blindfold!
Return Gifts

Our selection of party favors will give you lots of Hello Kitty party ideas, including blow outs, noisemakers, and spinning tops.

  • Hello Kitty tiaras and other costume jewelry will add the sparkle each little girl is looking for.
  • Hello Kitty pencils, erasers, coloring books, and stickers will inspire creativity.
  • Lip gloss, glittering body lotion, and Hello Kitty perfumes are readily available at most supply stores.
  • The popularity of Hello Kitty will ensure plenty of socks, t-shirts, jump ropes, lanyards, straws, bubbles, temporary tattoos, and light up pens that will all be great party favors.
  • Sunglasses, key chains, puzzle cubes, and stamp sets are also readily available for thank-you gifts.
Party Food

Cake pops decorated in the familiar styling of Hello Kitty is one of the best Hello Kitty birthday party ideas because the cake pops are the perfect shape to start with. Cupcakes are also a great choice and can be easily decorated with pipe icing or fondant.

  • A larger Hello Kitty cake, decorated to resemble the adorable little cat can be the crowning centerpiece of the party table and decorate it with hello kitty cake pops will give it a extraordinary look.
  • Another alternative is to decorate a sheet cake with some of our adorable Hello Kitty cake decorations. Sweet and cute, they are the perfect cake toppers for this Hello Kitty birthday party.
  • Cookie cutters can transform sugar cookie dough into a selection of hearts, flowers, bows, and Hello Kitty shaped cookies. Use the same cookie cutters to create themed sandwiches that are sure to be as delicious as they will be adorable.
  • Make some Hello Kitty Shirley Temples by filling a punch bowl with alcohol-free grenadine syrup, 7-Up, and cherries. Use Hello Kitty ice trays to make adorable ice additions to the punch.
  • Chocolate covered strawberries, using pink colored chocolate are sure to be popular.
  • Hello Kitty sushi molds will allow you to create adorable themed sushi rolls. Create a version of the California roll, using pink-colored crab and rice that has been tinged pink with a little drop or two of food coloring.
Party Decorations

Some great Hello Kitty party ideas for decorating include covering chairs with lots of pink fabric and tulle. Tie pretty pink balloons to each chair to complete the festive look.

  • Latex and Mylar balloons in Hello Kitty colors and shapes are a must to decorate your home and also the outside of your house. Tie several balloons to your mailbox or trees so that arriving guests can easily spot which house is party central. Place a Hello Kitty Airwalker at the party enterance to give a warm welcome to your guests.
  • Our selection of Hello Kitty party decorations includes Hello Kitty paper plates, cups, napkins, straws, andtable cloths. Coordinate them all for a really pretty completed party table. Solid colored tablecloths can sometimes be the better choice, especially when looking to replicate the simple and clean look of the world of Hello Kitty. Pick out a solid white or pink tablecloth and decorate with lots of Hello Kitty party supplies.
  • Hang a Hello Kitty birthday banner, along with pink and white streamers in doorways and from light fixtures.
  • Cutouts of stars, bows, flowers, and some of Hello Kitty's friends can decorate the party area. Posters and vinyl wall clings can help to add more Hello Kitty cuteness.
  • Arrange vases with pastel-colored silk flowers around the party room.
  • Make several direction signs and posters to hang on the fence and the walls, all saying things like "This way to Choco-Choco House", "Café Cinnamon Up Ahead!" and "Rainbow Forrest 2 Miles!"