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Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas in India

With a wave of your wand and a few great Harry Potter party ideas, you can throw a great Harry Potter birthday party that all of your little wizards will thoroughly enjoy. There are numerous Harry Potter party supplies that will make your party planning almost as effortless as Harry catching the Snitch!

Planning the Party
    • Work on the basics of the party first before ordering your Harry Potter birthday party supplies. Consider the age of the party group when you are planning your menu and your entertainment choices.
    • Host the party at a location that will offer plenty of room for all guests and the games you are planning. If your home isn't large enough for all of the people you've invited then you should consider hosting the party at an event center, an area park, or even at your local YMCA.
    • Asking the guests to dress up as their  favorite Halloween Character or donning a Harry Potter Robe Costume will add color and flavor to your party.
    • Ask friends and family for a bit of help with planning the party. You will find that planning a party can be stressful, so it is important to share the workload.
    • Help to keep your stress levels low by planning the party with plenty of time before the actual big day. This will ensure that you have lots of time to work on some Harry Potter party ideas and make sure that your Harry Potter party decorations have time to arrive.
Party Invitations
  • Get a few plush white owls to attach to the invitations. You may not be able to have Hedwig actually deliver the invitations but the adorable plush toy will be a close second choice.
  • Some card stock and a few Harry Potter cutouts or stickers can help you create really unique invitations. Soaking the card soak for a few minutes in cold tea can help to age the paper to give it the authentic look.
  • Use an intricate scroll font on the invitation details, and include phrases from the books as a part of your invitation. Accio! Crucio! Expecto Patronum! Are fun spells to include.
  • Wands are easy to find, or you can even use a few smoothed small branches from your own garden. Attach the invitations to the wands and invite the little wizards to your very own Hogwarts.
  • You can also get a die cut out of owl and paste it on a red cardstock and fill in all party details using silver pen.
  • If you are short on time or are just looking for an effortless option for the invitations, there are many packaged Harry Potter invitations to pick from. Be sure to get some matching thank-you notes so you can send them to guests after the party.
Party Games
  • Get a large floppy witches hat, which is easy to find around Halloween, and use it to divide the children into teams. Be sure to pin a label to the front of the hat that says "Sorting Hat!". 
  • Some Harry Potter party games for teams can include a treasure hunt that uses references from the books. Name various areas of your home and garden after areas in books. For example, your kitchen could be Diagon Alley and your yard could be the Hogwart's grounds or the Quidditch fields.
  • Have a potions lesson that includes vinegar and baking soda mixed with food coloring, or glue, water, and borax. Be sure to give the kids cover-ups for their clothing because of the mess that could ensue!
  • Trivia about Harry Potter is always a fun game to see which of the party guests is the most knowledgeable about the books series. Keep the questions and the tone of the game light and fun.
  • Make cloaks using black trash bags, and wizard hats using black construction paper. Decorate with glue, glitter, and lots of gold and silver stars.
  • A fun game of Quidditch, using broomsticks and a beanbag can be a lot of fun. Use hula hoops as the goals and ensure that everyone has a chance to beat at the beanbag with a large inflatable club!
Return Gifts
  • Harry Potter key chains and figurines are fun keepsakes for party guests, along with pencils, stickers, and even temporary tattoos.
  • A plush white owl or a plush orange cat will charm the guests.
  • A box of Bertie Botts jelly beans, along with other favorite sweet treats will offer a snack for later.
  • Sunglasses, costume jewelry, and even magic wands are fun to fill up the goody bags with.
  • Including copies of the books or DVDS will provide lots of entertainment long after the Harry Potter birthday party has come to a magical end.
  • Coloring books, lip gloss, bouncing balls, and Harry Potter playing cards are other great idea for thank you return gifts.
Party Food
  • Butter beer is a must for your magical party! Cream soda is a superb choice for butter beer but vanilla or caramel hot chocolate can bring a bit more of the authenticity to the beverage.
  • A cauldron filled with red punch and dry ice can be a great potion for your guests to enjoy!
  • There are a lot of Harry Potter party ideas for the birthday cake, including a broomstick-shaped cake, a wand-shaped cake, or even a cake shaped like the boy himself, complete with the lightning bolt scar on his forehead.
  • A selection of Harry Potter cake decorations can transform a sheet cake or cupcakes into something magical. You can also go for individual cup cakes, make them look like owl cup cakes by placing Oreo for eyes and runts for nose.
  • Jelly beans are a popular part of the book series so be sure to include a bowl filled with jelly beans, including the ear wax and grass flavored beans!
  • Some other snacks to include could be licorice sticks, pretzels, chips and dip, and of course a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Sausage rolls, sandwiches, and even cookies are all standard party fare that are sure to go over well.
Party Decorations
  • Hang banners on the walls that are representative of the various houses at Hogwarts. Construction paper and marker pens can help you to get the banners just right.
  • Every Harry Potter birthday party should include lots of balloons, including Mylar balloons in the Harry Potter theme. Combine with plenty of latex balloons to create a festive environment.
  • Decorate hallways and corners with a birthday party banner and lots of colorful streamers in the house colors.
  • Posters and cutouts of the various Harry Potter characters adorning the walls will make it feel much more like Hogwarts. Fluffy the three headed dog, Hagrid, and even Fawkes the phoenix are all fun ideas to decorate the party zone. For more exclusive party decorations browse our collection of party supplies.
  • Hang blue cellophane from the ceiling to create a blue sky like the ever-changing ceiling in the Hogwarts dining hall. Glue sparkling gold and silver stars to it to make it look like a clear star-filled night sky.
  • Coordinate the party tables with the other accessories for the party. Some Harry Potter party ideas for these include cups, paper plates, napkins and even Harry Potty return gifts.