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1st Birthday Party Ideas in India

1st Birthday is a milestone in child’s life and calls for special celebrations. If you are looking for 1st birthday party ideas in India, we help you plan the best 1st birthday party for your baby with tons of thrilling ideas, birthday supplies, invitations, decorations and return gifts. While your little one might not remember all of the details, the memories offered by photographs of the day are sure to provide a lifetime of smiles.

Planning the Party
  • Some first birthday party ideas include picking a theme that revolves around the celebration of your baby's first year, with favorite photos of baby's first year being the focal point of the party. A monkey theme, princess theme or first birthday Minnie Mouse theme might also be fun for your little one's first birthday shindig.
  • Consider 1st birthday party themes that are solid and primary colors, for ease of planning. Letters, numbers, and animals in bright colors can also be great themes for the party.
  • Keep the party short and sweet, no longer than two hours, with just a few close friends and family members invited.
  • Host the party between breakfast and morning nap or between afternoon nap and dinnertime so that baby will be wide awake, alert, and won't need to miss a much-needed nap.
  • Plan the 1st birthday party on a weekend or over a holiday weekend so that guests are more likely to be able to attend.
  • Designate a friend or family member to be the event photographer so that you can relax and enjoy the festivities without having to worry about capturing those special moments.
Party Invitations
  • Prepackaged 1st birthday party invitations can save a lot of planning time and can introduce party guests to the theme you have selected. So, if you are looking for 1st birthday invitation cards in India, you can explore our invitation collection and save tons of time.
  • Print out directions and a map to include with the invitations to baby's 1st birthday party, just in case some of your friends haven't yet visited your home.
  • Visit your favorite craft supply store to purchase the materials needed to design your own 1st birthday party invitations. Cardstock, little ribbons, stencils and lot of fun pictures of your cutie pie can provide you with all you need for a DIY invitation.
  • Sticking with a very neutral theme for the party will help you design invitations that can be customized for each guest. With a few stickers and other craft supplies, you can design memorable little keepsake party invitations.
  • Create a customized invitation that features professional photos of your little one's first birthday photo-shoot. Add a sweet poem or other sentiment and you have an elegant invitation.
  • If you are not requesting gifts for your birthday babe then be sure to note it on the invitation. Provide links to online registries if family and friends have started to ask what baby might need for his or her first birthday.
Party Games
  • Offer a selection of age-appropriate toys for the birthday boy or girl and for their guests to play with as party games are not really suitable for this age group.
  • Some other 1st birthday ideas include giving the kids with a selection of musical instruments that they can make a lot of fun noise with. One year olds are all about making noise, so even homemade drums that include your cooking pots and wooden spoons could delight them.
  • Non-toxic crayons that are suitable for a one year old, along with colorful construction paper can keep the kids entertained.
  • Age-appropriate play-dough and paints is another fun activity to keep the kids busy.
  • Play games that engage the little ones with you, like Peek-a-Boo and singing a selection of silly kid songs.
  • If the weather is right for it, encourage everyone to bring their swim suits and fill up a kiddie pool with water, or even plastic balls, for a bit of outdoor fun.
  • Provide older cousins and friends with movies and games that are appropriate for their age group.
Return Gifts
  • If you are looking for fun & inexpensive 1st birthday return gifts in India, select from our huge selection but make sure you select age-appropriate return gifts for all of the guests.
  • Theme-related candy can be a fun addition to the return gifts bags that each guest takes home with them.
  • Stickers and temporary tattoos are fun 1st birthday return gifts for guests of all ages.
  • Little kids love to make a noise so a few themed noisemakers can be a noisy but fun addition to the party.
  • Hairclips and hairbands are cute and fun 1st birthday return gifts for little girls.
  • Butterfly wings, tiaras, and jewelry sets are also fun for little girls of all ages.
  • Army men, bouncy balls, squirt guns, and toy dinosaurs, along with toy cars are all fun return gifts for little boys.
  • Bubbles for blowing and for the tub are fun return gifts, as are crayons, coloring and sticker books.
  • No party return gift bag should be complete without a little thank you note!
Party Food
  • The birthday cake should revolve around the theme for the 1st birthday party. Purchase cake toppers that fit in perfectly with the theme, and have the cake designed to be a seamless fit in with the selected theme and for a stunning look top it with First Birthday Candles.
  • Cupcakes work perfectly as an option for the little ones to enjoy. Remember to remove any decorative cake toppers before offering the cake to the little party guests to avoid choking hazards.
  • Some 1st birthday return gifts will also be great choices to top off the birthday cake.
  • For a first birthday party, stick to finger foods that the little ones can easily enjoy. Fruit slices, tiny sandwiches, and even mini hamburger sliders are a great choice.
  • Offer the adults a vegetable tray or cheese and a snack platter, so they can assemble quick wraps to enjoy while the younger party guests enjoy their own party fare
  • Some other first birthday party ideas include cookies that are decorated to fit in with the party theme, and pizza or ready-made sandwiches to help cut down on your prep time for the party.
Party Decorations

Cover the party table with colorful balloons, place a toy as a centerpiece, colorful confetti, and even placing some adorable tissue paper pom poms in different shapes like flowers and balls is also a great idea. 

  • For 1st birthday decorations in India, browse our selection of first birthday balloons, banners, and wall stickers related to the theme you are going with.
  • Decorate the outside of your house with a selection of theme related balloons, but be aware that latex balloons can be a potential choking hazard if they pop. Mylar balloons related to 1st birthday party themes are often the better choice.
  • Hang a 1st birthday party banner, along with streamers up on the wall or between doorways to welcome everyone to the fun-filled party.
  • Vinyl tablecloths, napkins, paper plates, and sipper cups related to the 1st birthday party themes you are working with will ensure the theme is constant throughout the party. If you are sticking to primary or solid colors then you can reuse your vinyl tablecloth for future parties and events
  • Other fun 1st birthday ideas include keeping the atmosphere fun for the kids, with kid-friendly music and favorite movies or TV shows playing.
  • If hosting the party outside then some first birthday party ideas should include decorations that are water and weatherproof.
  • 1st birthday party decals can be added to walls and doors for an extra splash of color and fun.
  • An enlarged photo of your special birthday girl or boy can be a great centerpiece for the table.
  • Other décor for the party tables could include some 1st birthday return gifts that guests can pick up and take home with them.