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1st Birthday Girl Party Ideas in India

First birthday is a special occasion and to celebrate it in the best possible way, you need tons of exciting ideas. The great news is that if you are looking for best first birthday themes for girls in India we have tons of thrilling ideas to make your lil one’s first birthday one-of-a-kind.

Planning the Party
  • Keep the guest list short and sweet so that you don't overwhelm your first birthday girl on her special day. Invite a few friends her age, perhaps from her daycare or your playgroups, and invite your friends and immediate family members.
  • If the weather is agreeable, host the party outdoors so that everyone can enjoy the fresh air. It also will help to contain the party-related mess to outside, making cleanup a lot easier!
  • Select 1st birthday themes for girls that reflect the little personality of your birthday girl. If she loves princesses then pamper her with a party fit for royalty. If jungle animals are her idea of a roaring good time then a Pink Safari theme jungle party could be a blast. Elmo or baby rubber ducks are also great theme ideas to consider.
  • You can't go wrong with pink, purple, and other pretty pastel colors for a solid-colored theme. With a dark fuchsia or even zebra patterns for the little diva in your life can blend smoothly with the solid colors and also give you more options in terms of decorations and return gifts.
  • We also offer tons of First Birthday themes such as Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday and more. Pick the one that goes best with your darling daughter's liking.
Party Invitations
  • Make your princess the star of the show, starting with the invitations. Some 1st birthday ideas for girls include using a photograph of her as the focal point of the 1st birthday girl invitations. A photograph of your baby girl dressed in an outfit fit for royalty, with the number one either on her outfit or in her hands will get guests excited to celebrate this milestone event with you.
  • Glitter-covered cardstock with little notches clipped into it will hold a photograph of your darling, and will provide all of the invited friends and family members with a lovely keepsake of her that they can frame.
  • Using stencils cut out cardstock in the shape of a balloon, tiara, or a princess gown. With a bit of glue and glitter that matches your theme you can transform the cardstock into a pretty customized invitation. A few decorative touches that include ribbons, feathers, stickers, and even glittery beads will result in an invitation fit for royalty.
  • A few princess wands or tiaras for the little girl guests, and little swords or toy dinosaurs will make a great attention-grabbing invitation. Simply attach the details of the party printed on a piece of decorated cardstock using an attractive ribbon.
  • If you are in search of preprinted 1st birthday girl invitations in India, you can check our massive collection and cut down on your preparation time
Party Games
  • Pin the tiara on the princess or the tail on the zebra are fun twists on the classic party game. Parents and older siblings or cousins may have to help the littlest guests, but it is sure to be a lot of fun for all.
  • Children love to make a lot of noise so consider giving them a lot of musical instruments that are appropriate for their age group so that they can have a lot of fun. This is also a great way for the adults and older children at the party to interact with the babies.
  • A favorite DVD or CD of favorite songs can liven up the party and also keep the little ones entertained while the adults mingle and talk.
  • Non-toxic paints and crayons can be a fun creative activity that the little ones and their older partygoers will enjoy.
  • There are a lot of fun songs that the little guests will enjoy singing with their parents, like Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle, Itsty Bitsy Spider, and so on. Make a list of favorite songs and encourage the other parents to join in and engage with the one year olds.
  • A lot of classic party games are not possible for one year olds to participate in, so you should consider filling a plastic swimming pool with an inch of water or even plastic balls and letting the kids have fun splashing or throwing balls.
  • Bubbles and bubble wands can offer a lot of fun for everyone, young and young at heart.
  • Create a baby-safe zone at the party where the little ones can be corralled for the duration of the party. Make sure that it is childproof and contains a good selection of age-appropriate toys for the babies to play with.
Return Gifts
  • We have a superb selection of girls return gifts that are good for all ages groups, including for your first birthday girl. Remember to get a selection of return gifts for both boys and girls so that all of your party guests can get a little something special.
  • Little girls love princess jewelry especially mini mirrors and combs, feathered boas, stuffed animals, and other girly things. You can buy a box or mini purse and fill it with such cute girlie stuff.
  • The boys attending the party will enjoy bouncy balls, army men, cars, and even dinosaur return gifts.
  • Coloring books and crayons can make a great choice for all ages.
  • Stickers and even temporary tattoos are a great idea for the older guests attending the party.
  • A DVD or CD can also be a huge hit with the guests.
  • Whistles, party noisemakers, bubbles, and squirt guns are also fun-filled ideas for your guests to take home with them.
Party Food
  • With pink and soft pastels as your theme, you'll have plenty to choose from for your first birthday girl. Pink frosting and pink birthday cakes will be a superb addition to her milestone birthday.
  • A princess theme will let you have a lot of fun selecting a birthday cake that fits in with the party theme. Our selection of 1st birthday party supplies for girls also includes cake toppers that will add a sweet touch to every cake or birthday cupcakes
  • Finger foods that are easy for the birthday girl and her guests to pick up are the best choice. Slices of fruit, sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters in the shape of tiaras, crackers, and even pink birthday cookies will be delicious and enjoyed by all.
  • Have close friends and family members bring over cheese plates, chips and dip, and vegetable platters so that you'll have plenty of food for guests and effectively cut down your prep time for the party.
  • Mini pizzas are a great choice for party food for the little ones. With premade pizza crusts and a bit of cheese and pepperoni, you'll be able to whip up freshly baked pizzas that your young guests will enjoy. Adults attending the party will also enjoy mini pizzas but may better prefer larger pizzas with a better selection of toppings.
  • Try to stay away from peanut products if you are not sure about any food allergies amongst your party guests. The same holds true for fish sticks and other potential food allergens
Party Decorations

Cover the party table with colorful balloons, a chandelier, confetti, and even some mini teacups, like those you'd find in a tea set for dolls.

  • Children love balloons so a great selection of latex balloons that fit in with your pink or pastel theme can be a great way to decorate your home or the party location. Just be sure that the balloons are kept out of the way of the little ones as they could be a potential choking hazard if they were to pop.
  • Mylar balloons are often found perfectly fitting in with your theme so take a look at our selection of party balloons and dont miss to browse our 1st birthday balloons collection to make your birthday decorations spectacular.
  • Tie balloons to your mailbox or to shrubs in the front of your home so that guests can readily recognize your home as the party zone!
  • Our 1st birthday themes for girls also includes tablecloths, cups, plastic ware, napkins, and plates that all perfectly match to help to set the tone for your party.
  • Birthday banners and streamers are also a great addition to the party. Use them to decorate the party to transform it into an event everyone will remember.
  • Wall decals that are easy to put up and easy to take down are a great and very affordable way to decorate the party zone.
  • Cover tables with tablecloths to protect your furniture from accidental spills, and also sprinkle a few return gifts on the tables in order to keep the fun-filled theme going.