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Elmo's First Birthday Party Ideas In India

The beloved red monster toddler from Sesame Street is a favorite amongst those who are young and those who are young at heart. There are many wonderful Elmo birthday party ideas that are sure to light up your little one's face when the beautifully decorated table and the gorgeous Elmo birthday cake are spotted!

Planning the Party

The best part about planning an Elmo birthday party is that there are so many great Elmo birthday party supplies to help make your planning a little easier. Determine whether you are looking for primarily Elmo décor that includes the number 1 or for general Elmo goodies that feature the lovable red little monster.

  • Plan the party around nap times so that the guest of honor and party guests will be alert and cheerful for the festivities.
  • Ask all of your invited guests for the sizes of the little ones who will be attending and consider putting them all in matching Elmo t-shirts. The guest of honor can have a proud 1 emblazoned on his or her Elmo shirt, and the rest of the guests will look simply adorable in their own Elmo garb.
  • A costume party can be a lot of fun. Encourage parents and other party guests to dress up as their favorite Sesame Street character.
  • Remember to plan the party on a day where the most people will be able to attend, like on a Saturday or on a holiday like Memorial Day.
  • Useful Elmo birthday party ideas include asking one of the party guests to be responsible for taking photographs of the party so that you can focus on ensuring your guests have a good time and most of all so that you can focus on ensuring that your birthday boy or girl has a lot of fun.
  • Plan the party no later than two weeks out from the day you'd like to throw the party so that you can make sure everyone has time to put it on their calendar. On the same token, don't plan the party too far in advance otherwise some of your guests might forget about it completely when the big day rolls around.
Party Invitations

There are a lot of fun Elmo birthday invitations to select from. Our selection of party supplies will all perfectly coordinate to provide you with the seamless theme that you've been looking for

  • Elmo stickers and other Sesame Street-themed craft supplies can provide you with everything you need to create adorable custom-made party invitations. With a hot glue gun, some cardstock, and good penmanship, you'll be able to design really great invitations.
  • Write a little poem in each invitation, with an Elmo theme.
  • A small plush Elmo can be purchased at dollar-type stores and can be used to present the invitations to the little party guests. The guests will appreciate the new toy, and the theme of the party will be introduced.
  • Design invitations that feature a professionally done photograph of your little one dressed up as Elmo or wearing an Elmo-themed shirt.
  • Elmo birthday party ideas that are a bit whimsical include using crayon and chunky markers to add a fun twist to the invitations versus writing with pens. After all, Elmo is a toddler monster so it makes sense he'd use crayons or markers to write with!
Party Games

Be sure that all Elmo party ideas for games are age-appropriate. It would terrible to have a guest, or the guest of honor, accidentally choke on something that was not age appropriate.

  • Elmo coloring books and stickers, along with other types of fun-filled Elmo birthday party supplies can provide the little ones with hours of entertainment.
  • Look for coloring pages online that can be printed out for each of the little party goers to enjoy coloring in. Make sure that the crayons you offer the kids are appropriate for their age group.
  • An Elmo swimming pool filled with water and Elmo bath toys or plastic balls can offer little ones a lot of stimulation and enjoyment if the weather is nice.
  • Get a CD or DVD of Elmo shows and music to provide a fun ambience to the party. A lot of the DVDs will encourage the parents and children interact with one another and follow Elmo's instructions, which can be a lot of fun for all involved.
Party Decorations

We offer a superb selection of Elmo birthday party supplies in India that will help you to decorate the Elmo-themed party with style. Choose from beautiful Elmo balloons, banners, streamers, decals, and so much more.

  • Tie a few balloons to your mailbox or to a shrub outside the front of your home so that guests can quickly identify your home as party central. Take care when using latex balloons inside the house to decorate as they can quickly become a potential choking hazard if they happen to pop. An Elmo Airwalker at the party enterance will make a stunning party decoration and will give delightful welcome to your guests.
  • A birthday banner is one of the best Elmo party ideas, especially because you can customize the banner to have the birthday boy or girl's name printed on it. Hang the banner in your entry way or even outside between two trees to get everyone in the party spirit.
  • Be sure to coordinate the party with a great selection of Elmo birthday party supplies, including an Elmo tablecloth, paper plates , elmo napkins, and cups for the guests to use.
  • A few stuffed Elmo plush toys can add to the party décor and also double as party favors for the guests to take home with them.
  • Because so many of the party guests are likely to be little ones who are crawling and not yet walking, you will want to contain them to a small area so that they can play together. Consider decorating their play corner with an Elmo theme, including a little goldfish bowl with Elmo's pet Dorothy the goldfish in it.
Return Gifts

Select age-appropriate Elmo birthday return gifts for the guests. Coloring books, bubbles, and small Elmo plush toys for each guest are sure to be a huge hit.

  • Elmo-themed candy is also certain to be a delightful choice.
  • Stickers and temporary tattoos that feature Elmo are fun Elmo birthday party ideas for the older kids in attendance.
  • Elmo noisemakers are sure to be a fun and noisy addition to the party, for all of the guests.
  • Little Elmo hair accessories are fun for little girls, but be sure that they do not pose a potential choking hazard.
  • Hairclips and hairbands are cute and fun 1st birthday party favors for little girls.
  • Butterfly wings, tiaras, and jewelry sets are also fun for little girls of all ages.
  • No party gift bag can be complete without a little thank-you note, featuring Elmo. We offer a great selection of Elmo-themed stationary and thank-you notes for you to select from.
Party Food

The birthday cake is going to be the centerpiece of the celebrations so it should feature a charming Elmo theme. A cake that has been designed to look like Elmo in red and yellow theme with an elmo face is sure to be a huge hit amongst all of the guests. Just be sure to keep lots of wipes on hand for those sticky red-frosting-covered little hands and faces.

  • Instead of one large Elmo birthday cake, you can also consider little Elmo cupcakes so that each party guest can be treated to their very own cupcake.
  • Our selection of Elmo birthday party supplies also includes Elmo cake toppers, and cake toppers featuring other Sesame Street characters. Just be sure to remove the cake toppers before offering the cake or cupcakes to your little party.
  • Because a lot of the party guests are going to be little, be sure to offer finger foods that are easy for them to eat. Red foods are going to be a hit because they will fit in perfectly with the theme of the party.
  • Elmo's best friend is a goldfish named Dorothy, so consider a little bowl of goldfish crackers for all to enjoy.
  • Serve party foods, snacks, and cake on Elmo-themed paper plates, use Elmo-themed napkins, and of course don't forget the Elmo-themed cups for the bright red punch the guests will enjoy.
  • For a first birthday party, stick to finger foods that the little ones can easily enjoy. Fruit slices, tiny sandwiches, and even mini hamburger sliders are a great choice.
  • Offer vegetable trays or cheese and deli meat platters that are easy to pick up on the day of the party and will cut down on your party prep time.