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Easy Party Decorations

Are you all thumbs when it comes to doing tasks that require manual dexterity like party decorating? Take heart, we will show you just how easy it can be to create and put up party decorations. Your decorations don’t have to cost a bomb either-just a bit of creativity and effort and your party can be a showstopper!

Painless Party Decoration Tips

Make a grand entrance

Get your guests into the party mood even before they step inside. Drape a colorful welcome sign across your front door.

Party Banners

Place banners in your party area wishing the birthday person. You can make these if you are good with your hands or simply order an attractive banner.

Use pictures for effect

Use pictures for effect

Themed Decorations

If your budget runs to it consider having a themed party. When you center a party around a theme, you can have the banners, mylar balloons, plates, napkins, centerpieces and pinatas to all match the theme. Check out our Party Themes

Balloons and Streamers

There are plenty of out of the box ideas for decorating with balloons and streamers. Cut some colorful flowers, stars and geometric shapes and stick them on the balloons.

Alternatively you can also cut some ears and oval shapes for eyes and paste them on the balloons to make animal faces. Finish drawing the details with a black marker. You can even tie bunches of helium balloons to table legs so that they form a colorful display over the food.

Create a balloon play area by filling a small enclosed space with balloons and letting the kids loose inside to play with them.

Spell out your child’s name or her age (numbers) with balloons taped on the wall accordingly. This is an immediate eye catcher.

Make a streamer chandelier by taking 10-12 long streamers and taping them together to the ceiling. Tape the loose ends of the streamers to the walls and corners of the room. Leave a little slack so the streamers dip down prettily. Hang some paper decorations or some themed plates from the center. Plan a nice color combination making a riot of rainbow colors or using 2-3 alternating colors.

Decorating with Food

Food isn’t just good to eat but can become your best friend when it comes to decorating.
For e.g. you can use theme related containers that can add a special touch to your table. For e.g. a pirate theme could have candy placed in a large seashell or small wooden trunk draped with fake jewellery.

Edible decorations

Decorate cupcakes and cookies and lay them out in platters to add a bright spot to your table. Put hard candy in clear wide necked bottles and tie the necks with shiny ribbon. Place large swirl lollipops in tall containers around the room or put them in a small basket in strategic corners.

Add zing with shapes

Cut sandwiches into various shapes to add interest. Children love to eat food that has been cut into fancy shapes. You can also make 2 rows of cupcakes and pipe out ‘Happy Birthday’ on them one letter per cupcake.

Don’t forget to have a fancy birthday cake with some great decoration. The birthday cake could also be part of the theme for instance a cake in the likeness of Minnie Mouse for a Minnie Mouse party.

Decorating your Party Table

Solid colored party supplies can work wonders for your table. Jazz up the place settings with solid colored paper plates topped with smaller printed ones. Place a small toy or party hat on each plate.

Fold solid colored paper napkins into interesting animal shapes and place on the table. Fold the themed napkins around the solid colored cutlery and hold in place with a ribbon tied into a colorful bow.

The table cover will also need some attention. Pick a color that will go well with your theme. The table cover can be from your theme package or a solid color that goes with your theme’s colors. For more than one table you can have different colored table covers for each. Decorate the sides with taped paper doilies or construction paper flower cutouts.

The centerpiece counts

For an attractive centerpiece place toys related to your theme in a tableau or a bunch of balloons tied up together. For a grownup party place fresh flowers and decorative candles. You can also place small lighted lamps for dramatic effect.