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Easter Sunday Party Ideas in India

If you are hunting for some great Easter party ideas in India, we have some amazing ideas to help you host a fantastic Easter party that will have everyone talking for months to come.

Planning the Party
    • Begin planning your party at least a month out from Easter Sunday. Be certain that you verify the date that Easter falls, because Easter is a different date just about every year.
    • Order your Easter party decorations and other goodies with lots of time to spare, so that you can ensure you get everything on time. As the dates of big events draw closer, it can sometimes be difficult to track down the exact supplies and decorations that you need.
    • Hosting the party in your home is a lovely way to celebrate this special day with your family and friends. Make sure that you have plenty of seating for everyone, by renting tables and chairs from a party supply company, or asking your friends and family to bring over folding tables and chairs.
    • If the weather will be agreeable, enjoying your Easter party outdoors is sure to be a lot of fun for all, especially if you plan on holding an Easter egg hunt for the children.
Party Invitations
  • There are many Easter party ideas for decorations, including cutting out the shape of an Easter egg from some glossy card stock. Decorate the egg in a style of your and then write the party details down on the back of the card, using a metallic gel pen that matches nicely with the colors you decorated with. A cute phrase to use on the invitation could be "An eggscellent time will be had! Won't you join us!"
  • Decorate some card stock to look like a pretty green field, complete with blue sky above it. Use stickers and die-cuts of clouds and butterflies to decorate the sky. In the field put a few pastel-colored Easter eggs, and use some brown crafting felt to cut out little brown bunnies.
  • An invitation cut out like an Easter bunny is also a great choice, add some goggle eyes and a button for his nose. A cute phrase like "Hop along to our Easter party!" is sure to delight!
  • Attach a packaged Easter egg to the invitations as a tasty treat, but try to avoid anything fragile that may crumble during delivery.
  • Some prepackaged invitations can help you to save a fair bit of planning time, and can be just as adorable as homemade invitations. Be sure to pick up some thank-you cards to thank your party guests for sharing their Easter celebrations with you.
Party Games
  • An Easter egg hunt is one of the best Easter party games that you can think of, especially if there are lots of children present. Get lots of different eggs and candies to hide, and be creative with your hiding space. Be sure to have a list of what is hidden so that you can track down any that might go unfound.
  • An egg roll is a lot of fun for all, and it can be played both indoors and outdoors. Each person participating in the game will need a hard-boiled egg! The object of the game is to see which person is able to get their egg from the starting point to the finish line the fastest! Let each round try different methods of rolling their eggs, with a teaspoon, barefoot, or even their nose!
  • Fill a jar with chocolate Easter eggs and have guests guess how many Easter eggs are in the jar! The person who comes closest to the actual number gets to win the jar of Easter chocolate.
  • Pin the tail on the Easter Bunny is a twist on the classic party game that has everyone pinning the tail on the donkey.
  • A bunny hop game is a lot of fun for younger children to participate in. Just like a relay race, the kids will need to see who can get to the finish line the fastest, by hopping instead of running.
Return Gifts
  • A collection of Easter candy and chocolates are just some Easter return gifts that your guests are sure to enjoy. Pick out a nice selection, and be considerate of those who may have sensitivities to nuts or need to avoid sugar.
  • Some other Easter party ideas for return gifts include a plush bunny or chick, along with some plastic Easter eggs filled with fun little toys. Bouncing balls, plastic dinosaurs, plastic army men, and even blow outs are great ideas for Easter party return gifts.
  • Little girls will love getting some Easter costume jewelry, a Bunny costume and even some candy jewelry for a sweet treat!
  • Sticker sheets, pencils, crayons, and coloring books all offer some creative inspiration.
Party Food
  • A honey-glazed ham is a very traditional Easter Sunday choice, along with sides like green beans, devilled eggs, mashed potatoes, and cole-slaw. Consider getting your honey-glazed ham from a restaurant or store that specializes in them, to help you save some time.
  • When boiling your eggs for devilled eggs, add a few drops of food coloring to different pots and create soft pastel colored eggs that are sure to make your guests smile.
  • Get lots of yellow M&Ms and black and orange frosting, along with a brand new fine-tipped paintbrush. Use the frosting and the fine-tipped paintbrush to create little eyes and beaks on the candies, to look like tiny Easter chicks.
  • Use crescent roll dough to make carrot-shaped rollups with your choice of filling. Use hotdogs, ham, cheese, or even vegetables.
  • A carrot cake is the perfect choice for your Easter party. Serve carrot cupcakes or even cake pops for something a little bit different. Decorate the cakes with Easter cake toppings or with frosting carrots.
  • Hot cross sticky buns are another Easter traditional favorite, but frosted sugar cookies cut out into Easter-related shapes are also sure to be delicious.
Party Decorations
  • Use orange tissue paper and green ribbon to create carrot-shaped envelopes for the utensils at each place setting.
  • Some great Easter birthday party ideas for decorations include putting up posters and vinyl wall clings around the house, of all things related to Easter. Brightly colored eggs, chicks, tulips, and fluffy Easter bunnies.
  • Some pretty pastel-colored latex balloons along with a Easter Foil Balloon will help to add a festive vibe to the party. Be sure to get some Mylar balloons themed with an Easter flavor.
  • Some other Easter decorating ideas include covering chairs with brightly colored tulle, gluing silk flowers and plastic Easter eggs to the tulle will lend a nice spring-vibe to the party.
  • Floral centerpieces, perhaps accentuated with a few Easter eggs in the bouquets, will also contribute to the spring feel about the party space.
  • An bunny shape Airwalker Balloon at the party enterance or at the home enterance is perfect to give a warm welcome to guests.
  • Fill clean vases with jelly beans and top them up with chocolate Easter eggs, for a pretty decoration that is also tasty!