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Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Ideas in India

Hola! It's time for a Dora birthday party for your little explorers! If you are looking for Dora birthday party ideas in India, we have so many great Dora birthday party ideas and supplies that you are sure to throw a party that even Swiper Fox can't upset! With just a few decorating basics and a lot of creativity, your little girl's Dora party will be a resounding success.

Planning the Party
  • Plan to get your Dora birthday party supplies ordered at least a month ahead of the date of the party. Delays happen and sometimes there are stock shortages with popular products. Ordering with plenty of time to spare you'll soon have your Dora birthday decorations and other goodies on hand and ready for the big day.
  • Dora has wide-ranging appeal for both boys and girls, but you should think about planning a few things for the little guys who are invited so that they can get a break from the overwhelming amounts of pink and purple.
  • Send out calls and emails for help and suggestions from your close family and friends. Planning a party can be stressful but it doesn't have to if you recruit help from those around you. Even having someone be responsible for a fruit or vegetable tray can free up some of your time.
  • Plan to host the party on a day where the most people will be able to attend. A weekend works best for most people, but a public holiday is always another good choice.
  • If the weather will be nice then you should consider hosting the party outdoors. Whether you host it in your backyard or in a park, the outdoor celebrations will save your house from a lot of party mess and cleanup. Your local YMCA or church halls are other budget-friendly options.
Party Invitations
  • If you want theme invites, we offer an adorable selection of birthday party invitations in India along with thank-you notes so that you will be all set to send out the invitations when you have your guest list ready. Prepackaged invitations are easy to use and can save a lot of time when you are otherwise in a time crunch.
  • If you are planning on getting creative then a trip to your craft store will provide you with numerous fun options, including Dora birthday party stickers, die-cuts, beads, and other goodies that will help you construct your own unique Dora invitations.
  • Dora uses a map to help her on her adventures. Creating an invitation themed like Dora's friend Map will be a fun way to include the directions to the party and the other party details.
  • Dora's pal Boots could feature on the invitation with a little note saying "Boots invites you to Dora's fun-filled adventure party!"
  • Incorporate some of the fun phrases from the TV show into the invitation, like "Say it louder! It's time to find our way to the party!" and "Come on! Vamanos! Everybody let's go to the party!"
  • Including some of the other Dora characters, like Swiper Fox can be a fun touch. Feature Swiper on the invitation with a little note that says "Swiper, no swiping the fun!"
  • Fill in party details with purple and pink in a fun font.
Party Games
  • Create an adventure game themed around one of the Dora episodes. Dora is always exploring her surroundings by crossing bridges, climbing over mountains, and finding some sort of treasure or a lost friend. With a bit of creativity you can design maps and set up your backyard to be a Dora exploring zone.
  • Offer the kids little Dora backpacks with all of their game goodies inside. Not only will this work as a neat return gift but it will also ensure that all of the kids get to participate in the games.
  • One of the favorite amongst Dora birthday party ideas is a pinata filled with candy and other Dora treats. Make sure that everyone gets a chance to swing at the piñata, and of course make safety your priority so that other guests don't get whacked by the piñata stick.
  • A scavenger hunt will transform the Dora birthday party into a lot of excitement and fun. Set out fun Dora party supplies and return gifts for the kids to find around the house and the yard. Be sure to supply them with a list of things that they are looking for. Offer prizes to the kids who complete their scavenger hunt list.
  • A life-sized Dora balloon or cutout will provide great photo opportunities for the kids, and can also be involved in a rousing game of pin the ribbon on Dora; which is a fun twist on the classic party game.
  • Keep some Dora DVDs on hand just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse and leaves you with bored and irritable children.
  • Dora beads and twine can provide the kids with what they need to create their own Dora necklace masterpieces. Provide them with a few other jewelry accessories so they can really get glammed up.
Return Gifts
  • Sunglasses, hats, and backpacks are great ideas for Dora birthday party return gifts. A pair of cute Dora socks can also be a budget-friendly addition.
  • Dora stickers, notebooks, coloring books, Dora pencils, beaded necklaces and bracelets, Dora plastic toys will thrill the little girls.
  • Candy, cookies, and animal crackers are great sweet treats to offer all.
  • The little boys might not be as thrilled with Dora goodies but you can opt for another theme that boys tend to prefer, like Spiderman, or you can opt for stickers, tops, whistles, dinosaurs, army men, and toy cars.
  • Bubbles and squirt guns are another choice, for both boys and girls alike.
  • A plush Dora, Boots, or any other number of the characters from the show can provide a great keepsake. Older kids might love Dora-themed key chains.
Party Food
  • There are a number of Dora cake decorations that can transform a sheet cake or cupcakes into a Dora delight for all.
  • Have a cake designed in the familiar shape of Dora herself, or just her head. A Dora candle atop the cake will be the crowning touch.
  • Since Dora's best friend is a monkey it'd be a good idea to include some sliced bananas for the little monkeys attending the Dora birthday party. Dip them in chocolate, along with strawberries, and set them out for the guests to enjoy.
  • Cake pops are a fun addition to any birthday party, especially when they are decorated to fit in with the Dora theme. Pink and purple chocolate for the cake pops will easily help them blend in with the rest of the theme.
  • Dora shaped cookies and fruit rollups will be a nice touch to the table. Along with a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. A selection of dips will complete the offering of snacks.
  • Serve sandwiches with ham and cheese, or offer pigs in a blanket. Keeping the fare simple will ensure you are offering things the kids will actually enjoy.
Party Decorations
  • Cover the party table with a party tableware, mismatched teacups, a chandelier, oversized teacups, and even some mini teacups, like those you'd find in a tea set for dolls.
  • There are numerous choices in Dora birthday decorations, including lots of Mylar balloon choices. Decorate the party zone with lots of latex and Mylar balloons to give a fun festive vibe to the party. Tie a few balloons to your mailbox or the antennae of your car so that guests can readily identify your home as the party zone.
  • Hang streamers and a Dora the Explorer birthday party banner in doorways. You can either purchase a Dora birthday banner selected from our Dora party supplies.
  • Vinyl wall clings and Dora birthday party posters will look great decorating the walls and doors in your home.
  • Some other Dora the Explorer party ideas for decorating include coordinating the party tablecloths with the other decorations. We offer adorable Dora tablecloths, or you can opt for a solid tablecloth that will coordinate with the pinks and purples of the theme.
  • A centerpiece on each table that includes Dora goodies, including a Dora doll and a number of Dora necklaces, whistles, noisemakers, and bubbles will look great and give the kids something to play with.
  • Cover chairs with pink fabric, tulle, and bows to add another Dora vibe to the party space. A balloon tied to each chair will complete the festive look.