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Tangled Birthday Party Ideas in India

The movie Tangled has quickly become a favorite among girls, making a Tangled birthday party a popular choice for many children. If you are running out of ideas for hosting a tangled birthday party ideas in India, here you can find easy ideas and theme supplies for a great celebration.

Planning the Party
  • You will have to choose between an indoor and outdoor party; make sure to check the weather ahead of time and have a backup plan for an outdoor party.
  • You will have to choose between an indoor and outdoor party; make sure to check the weather ahead of time and have a backup plan for an outdoor party.
  • A hair salon would be a perfect location for a Tangled themed party! Have all the girls get their hair done; call for party packages.
  • If you don't want to pay the salon fees, consider having a hair party at home; get some fun hair accessories and brushes for the girls to do each other's hair.
  • Watch the movie for some ideas for planning the party, and ask your child what their favorite parts are.
Party Invitations
  • Pre-packaged Tangled birthday party invitations make it simple to take care of inviting friends.
  • Choose from the many Tangled images online to make your own Tangled birthday party invitation and print it out.
  • Use yellow construction paper cut into long waves to imitate Rapunzel's long blonde hair. Write the party information down the locks.
  • Make sure to note whether or not the party is a slumber party so guests will know to pack an overnight bag.
  • Use an online service to send out electronic Tangled birthday party invitations and skip the paper.
  • Another exciting invitation can be, a tower invitation with a cute window cut out and a long blonde braid of rapunzel coming down. Make the braid using a golden yellow, embroidery thread as shown in the picture.
Party Games
  • Play a game of pin the hair on Rapunzel using a poster from the movie and a long piece of pretend hair made of yarn.
  • Hang a heavy rope from something very sturdy – tie it carefully – and call it Rapunzel's hair. Have a contest to see who can climb the highest.
  • Purchase hair extensions from a beauty supply. Line them up and have a race to see who can braid Rapunzel's hair the fastest.
  • Using construction paper and an LED tea light, have each child create their own lantern like the ones released into the sky in Tangled.
  • Print out "wanted" posters like those for Tangled's hero Flynn Rider. Let your guests draw their own face in the wanted space.
Return Gifts
  • Let each child take home one of the lovely lanterns lit from within with an electric tea light.
  • Create a great goodie bag of treats from our selection of Tangled birthday party supplies.
  • Hand out tiaras for all the little princesses, and a clip-on hair extension to play being Rapunzel.
Party Food
  • Grab the cast iron skillet and fry up some chicken or other yummy treats – the skillet is Rapunzel's weapon of choice in the movie.
  • Make angel hair pasta to match Rapunzel's long hair.
  • Create the perfect Tangled birthday cake with our easy to use cake toppers.
  • Decorate cupcakes with candy flower petals to look like the magic flower in the Tangled movie.
  • Serve up a spread fit for a princess with tiny finger sandwiches and dainty desserts, and a lovely tea to go with them.
Party Decorations
  • Hang lanterns from the ceiling similar to the ones in the movie that are released into the sky. Light them with tea lights that are electronic for safety.
  • Use a variety of colorful balloons in your child's favorite colors, as well as streamers.
  • Select from our wonderful options for Tangled birthday party decorations that are ready to use.
  • Create a pretend window high up on the wall with a long blonde ponytail hanging from it (use yarn for the hair).
  • Decorate with silk flowers like the magical flower from Tangled scattered around the room.
  • Classic princess themed décor such as tiaras and wands work well for this theme also.