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Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas in India

For some roaring good fun, a Dinosaur birthday party idea is sure to be a memorable occasion for all. With some great and creative dinosaur party ideas, you'll throw a party that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Planning the Party
    • If the weather permits, one of the best places to host a dinosaur birthday party is outdoors. You could host the party in your backyard, at the park, or even at the beach.
    • Zoo or area museums with a dinosaur exhibit are some other dinosaur party ideas that are worth considering, especially if your birthday boy or girl is a budding paleontologist.
    • Don't hesitate in ordering your needed dinosaur party supplies with plenty of time to spare before the date of your party.
    • Recruit some help with not just the planning of the party, but also with the chaperoning of the party. This will help you to have more time to ensure that your birthday boy or girl has a great time, and will also be helpful if you have to wrangle kids in an outdoor space.
Party Invitations
  • Getting a few packages of preprinted dinosaur birthday invitations and thank-you cards can save you a lot of time in prepping for the party. If you are looking for inexpensive and stylish dinosaur birthday invitations in India, explore our collection.
  • There are a lot of dinosaur templates to use to form the shape of your invitation. Stick with those that are easier to cut out and readily identifiable by shape alone, like a T-Rex or Stegosaurus.
  • Create some great fossil themed dinosaur birthday party invitations by getting some fossil stickers or die-cuts and crafting sand. Cover half of the sticker with the sand glued onto it, and then mod-podge it to keep the sand from falling off. Use creative phrases like "Unearth some dinosaur fun at Ted's birthday bash!"
  • Attach a small plastic dinosaur to each invitation, much like the dinosaurs we carry in our selection of Dinosaur party supplies and return gifts.
  • Egg-shaped invitations are some other dinosaur party ideas. Create an envelope in the shape of a dinosaur egg that, when cracked open, reveals the party details. If you are looking to get really creative, you could blow out the insides of a chicken egg, with a hole on either end of the egg, and then insert a tiny scroll with the party details on it. Package the eggs carefully and hand-deliver them.
Party Games
  • Caveman paintings are a fun craft for the kids to do, with some brown construction paper and a selection of paints. The kids will then have a fun craft to take home with them.
  • Make some flour dough and have the kids create their own dinosaur footprint fossils. Offer paints, pebbles, twigs, and other embellishments so that they can decorate their very own fossils.
  • Dino Tug-O-War is one of many dinosaur party ideas for a fun game where the kids divide into teams and try not get their team pulled into the fiery lava pit, which could be made using orange and red construction paper, or even red chalk on a driveway.
  • A Dino egg hunt is sure to be a lot of fun! Hide a selection of plastic eggs around the party area, you can even stuff some of the plastic eggs with toy dinosaurs and wrapped candies. Also be sure to hide a few plush dinosaurs so that every kid can find one to take home with them.
  • An archaeological dig is sure to be a lot of fun for all. All you will need is a sandpit, some buckets, shovels, and lots of plastic dinosaurs hidden inside for the kids to discover.
  • Do the Dino Dance is a fun game for all! Play some music and have the kids do their best stomping dinosaur dances. When the music stops, the person that is still wiggling last is out until the next wiggling Dino round.
Return Gifts
  • Lots of plastic toy dinosaurs are some great dinosaur birthday party ideas for return gifts. Send each party guest home with at least four dinosaurs to play with.
  • Explorer goodies like pith helmets, binoculars, shovels, and water canteens are just what every dinosaur hunter needs.
  • Sticker sheets, pencils, crazy straws, dinosaur spinning tops, and rings, along with blow outs, are all great dinosaur birthday return gifts.
  • Gummy dinosaur treats, along with some lava-red pop rocks are sure to be a fun-filled sweet treat.
Party Food
  • Decorate a sheet cake with edible sugar sand and plastic dinosaurs to create an entire dinosaur world, on top of a cake. Alternatively, use the plastic dinosaurs as cake toppings on cupcakes.
  • Create a dinosaur volcano cake, with bright red and orange frosting as the lava. Use some plastic trees and dinosaurs to create a dinosaur base around the volcano.
  • Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets are always a hit. Use dinosaur shaped cookie cutters to create dinosaur shaped burgers that the kids can use to assemble their own brontosaurus sliders.
  • Chicken wings will be delicious, especially with labels referring to them as pterodactyl wings! Add some Dino Dip to go with the wings.
  • Dino (devilled) Eggs are a fun thing to offer! Hard boil the eggs using brown soup mix in the water, which will give a nice brown tint to the eggs. Mix a bit of green food coloring in with the yolk mixture when mixing it up, in order to create green toppings for the devilled eggs.
  • Dinosaur fruit snacks and gummies are a great addition to the party table.
Party Decorations
  • Cutouts and posters of dinosaurs decorating the party space are a must for any dinosaur birthday party.
  • Get lots of balloons, streamers, and a birthday banner from our selection of dinosaur party decorations, to give the party a nice birthday vibe. Hang crepe streamers of green color in doorways to create a jungle streamer curtain.
  • Cut out lots of jungle trees, and crumple construction paper stapled together to create jungle vines. The more jungle-lush the party space has, the more authentic it will feel.
  • Play jungle sounds from a CD, or play dinosaur themed movies in the background, like the Jurassic Park movies.
  • Keep all party decorations in Green, be it streamers, balloons and other hanging decorations to effortlessly compliment the dinosaur theme
  • Create a large volcano shape using brown construction paper. Use red construction paper, along with red and orange cellophane to create the lava flow from the volcano. If you have the space for it, put a small heater near the volcano to create a warm spot!