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CowBoy Birthday Party Ideas in India

Yeehaw! With some great Cowboy birthday party supplies you can host a rootin' tootin' Cowboy theme party that every cowpoke will be talking about! Even if you live in the big city, you can wrestle up some genuine cowboy grub, so put on your chaps and spurs; it's time to saddle up!

Planning the Party
  • A ranch or farm is the best place to throw a Cowboy theme party in India. Local farms often offer hayrides and pumpkin picking around Halloween often rent out space during the rest of the year; making it the perfect locale for your party.
  • If you can't go to the ranch then bring the ranch to you in the form of a petting zoo. With miniature horse ride and ducks to pet, your little cowboys and cowgirls will have plenty of fun.
  • Because of how fast things book up, it is a good idea to start planning the party at least 8 weeks in advance. Getting a jumpstart on your planning will also ensure that you get your cowboy party supplies delivered with plenty of time to spare.
  • A costume party is sure to be a lot of fun, so encourage the invited guests to dress up in their finest western wear. Make sure that the birthday boy or girl has the best in western duds for the party; a thrift store can actually often be a good source of affordable cowboy boots and Stetsons!
Party Invitations
  • Prepackaged invitations and matching thank-you cards makes an attractive and the perfect way to introduce your theme to your guests, prepackaged invitations can also save you a lot of time in planning.
  • Cut out the shape of a cowboy boot from poster board and decorate with markers and paints to give the boot an authentic look.
  • A Stetson is another invitation choice. You could use crafting felt or velvet to give some texture to the invitation.
  • Add black and white cow-spots to the invitations, and consider using the crafting felt for texture, also. Use fun cowboy themed words like "cowpoke" "steer" "lasso" and "round-up."
  • Attach a notecard-styled invitation to a red banana so that each guest will be ready to dress their cowboy or cowgirl best.
Party Decorations
  • Decorate the party area with plush horses and cows for the authentic ranch feel. Plastic snakes and trains, along with cowboy boots, can add a cowboy vibe to your party space.
  • The party tables can be covered with red and white checkered tablecloths, or with solid-colored brown colored tablecloths. Coordinate the placemats, paper plates, cups, straws, and napkins with the other cowboy party decorations.
  • Set the cake or cupcakes in the center of the table, with a train track and trains running around it, this is a classic scene from many a western movie and will be a fun touch to this cowboy theme party.
  • Party Balloons are a must-have for every party. Tie balloons to the backs of chairs and weight them with some cowboy party favors so that you have a nice festive vibe in the party space.
  • Make up fun signs that have phrases on them like "Outhouse" "Park your horse in this spot" "No varmints!" "Welcome buckaroos!" and "Welcome to Steve's cowboy saloon!"
  • Take quick snaps of the kids as they arrive to the party and insert them into a template for a wanted poster. Print the posters out, with funny names for each child, and hang them up around the party. For their crimes, you could list silly reasons like "snoring" and "not picking up his shoes!"
  • Use a large cardboard box, like a refrigerator box, to create a jail. With some red paint and black markers you can quickly transform the cardboard into a red-bricked jail cell. This is the perfect spot for hanging the wanted posters, and for taking keepsake pictures of the children during the party.
Party Games
  • Use a large plush cow to play the role of a calf in your calf-roping game. Give the kids a loop of rose to lasso the calf. The first person to lasso the calf wins the prize, and each kid who is able to throw the lasso around the calf's neck wins a candy prize.
  • Water squirt pistols, like those offered in our Cowboy birthday party supplies, can be filled with different colored water. Hang up paper targets for the kids to take aim at. The person whose colored water shots appear closest to the center of the target win prizes.
  • Brand the calf is a fun twist on the pin the tail on the donkey game. Mark a large X on the image of a cow on poster board, and blindfold each child with a bandana. Arm each child with a crayon and the child who is able to mark his initials on the calf, closest to the X, wins the prize. Another variation of this is to pin the badge on the Sherriff.
  • Get a haystack, most craft supply stores sell these, and fill it with a selection of cowboy party return gifts. The goal is then for the kids to tear it apart, to find the needles (toys) in the haystack.
  • Pass the rattlesnake is a variation on the hot potato game, with the person holding the plastic toy snake when the music ends being out of the game. The object of the game is for the kids to pass the toy snake off to their neighbor as fast as possible before the music stops!
Party Food
  • Cook a variety of cowboy-themed foods like chili, hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken drumsticks, and cornbread. Other side options include baked beans, roasted corn on the cob, and of course some chips and dip.
  • Store-bought biscuit dough can be shaped into stars, boots, and horseshoes, for fun theme-related fresh biscuits.
  • Offer water and milk to your little cowpokes, but also serve up some chilled root beer for them to swig by the campfire.
  • Fill up mason jars with candy treats like taffy, root beer barrels, licorice sticks, and candy necklaces.
  • Transform a sheet cake into a cowboy corral, complete with some cowboy party favors like plastic horses. Used twisted baked pretzels for the fence and green colored sugar for the grass, while shredded wheat cereal pieces can be used as hay bales; crushed graham crackers or Oreos can serve nicely as dirt for inside of the corrals.
  • S'mores are a fun addition to a cowboy theme party. Supervise the little cowboys and cowgirls as they melt their marshmallows and create their chocolate gooey treats.
Return Gifts

Cover the party table with mismatched teacups, a chandelier, oversized teacups, and even some mini teacups, like those you'd find in a tea set for dolls.

  • Cowboy bandanas in all colors are a fun choice for any cowboy theme party. Add a Sherriff's star badge and a water pistol so your little cowboy or cowgirl can continue the Wild West fun at home.
  • Our selection of cowboy birthday party supplies will give you plenty of ideas for favors for your cowboy theme party. Include blow outs, spinning tops, and plastic animals.
  • Stickers, coloring books, and a small box of crayons can inspire creativity.
  • A few sweet treats could include licorice rope, laffy taffy, gummy bugs, and a few cowboy themed cookies.