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Coloring Pages

If your party guests are preschoolers or very young children upto 6-7 years of age, keep them occupied when you have a lull in the processings. Coloring pages are always helpful in keeping little hands busy! Just supply a few inexpensive crayon sets to the kids and watch the creative juices flow. If possible have an adult supervise the activity.

Setting the Birthday Party Table

Fun with Coloring Pages

If you want a few peaceful but fun-filled moments at your birthday party coloring activity is the way to go.

What you will need:

Some printouts of our coloring pages Copies of Our Printable Winter Coloring Page at least 1 per guest. Keep 2-3 extra copies Colored Crayons Felt tip or Marker pens Stickers and glitter glue for embellishment

Get the coloring going

Distribute crayons and a printout of the coloring page to every child. You can also hand them other decoration items like stickers, glitter glue etc. Give the children some time (half hour) to color and decorate their pages.. After they finish ask them to write their names on the paper or do it for them. You can give a small prize to the best colored page and possibly have some candy for the other children. Display the coloring pages on the wall or peg them onto strung up clothesline or twine to make an impromptu art gallery.