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Circus Birthday Party Ideas in India

The circus is fun for all ages, and a Circus theme birthday party can be adapted to fit any child's desires. We have exciting Circus birthday party ideas in India to suit both girls and boys of different age groups, so you can create the party that is just right for your guest of honor.

Planning the Party
    • You can't have a circus without a tent, so see about renting one for your back yard in a bright color that can't be missed. A portable shelter can also work, and can be decorated to appear more festive.
    • You can't have a circus without a clown. Hire one for the party to entertain the kids, or dress up like one yourself if a professional is not in the budget.
    • An indoor circus can be set up in a family room or a rented space if you are holding the party during inclement weather. Think ahead and plan for the weather when choosing the party location.
    • Create a theme around the whole circus, or choose your child's favorite part of the circus to focus on for a more specific theme.
Party Invitations
  • Pre-printed circus theme party invitations are an easy and convenient way to get the word out about your child's party.
  • A cut out of Clown or animal themed invitations on a colorful construction paper will fit the Circus birthday party theme easily.
  • Many clip art images with a circus theme can be found online and used to create your own invitations right at home.
  • Use animal stamps like elephants, seals, and horses in various colors to turn a plain white paper invitation into the perfect Circus birthday party invitation.
Party Games
  • Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, choose various circus animals for an update on the classic party game.
  • Hold clown shoe races, where contestants must race wearing oversized shoes. If you don't have actual clown shoes, grown-up shoes on a kid works great – buy a cheap pair at goodwill and paint them red.
  • Set up a midway in your yard, and arrange fun carnival games like the ring toss and hand out small prizes.
  • Have a face-painting booth where kids can get their faces painted by an adult or even paint each other's faces for fun.
  • Set up a costume area where kids can dress up as circus-themed people such as a clown, a trapeze artist, or even a circus animal.
Party Decorations
  • Colorful party balloons or polka dot balloons and streamers, you can go for red& white streamers to reflect tent, these can make perfect and simple circus party decorations.
  • Choose from our wide selection of circus party supplies for pre-made circus party ideas for the décor.
  • Decorate the walls with colored stripes to imitate the inside of a tent – or hang sheets from the inside of the walls so it really looks like a tent inside.
  • Hang pictures of circus animals and circus performers.
  • Print off advertisements for various circuses and hang them on the walls
Party Food
  • The circus is all about fun foods like cotton candy and popcorn. Serve them up in colorful dishes.
  • Make clown-face cookies for the perfect circus theme party snacks.
  • If you plan to serve a meal, handheld food like hot dogs or corn dogs will fit the circus theme.
  • A circus cake using one of our wonderful cake toppers found in our selection of circus birthday party supplies is sure to impress.
  • Create a colorful candy buffet with circus bags so that kids can come through and choose the candies they like to fill their bag with tasty treats.
Return Gifts
  • Circus return gifts can be found in our wide selection of birthday party items including blowouts,noisemakers,stickers and tattoos.
  • Create goodie bags fill with circus theme treats and small items like noisemakers and hats.
  • Give each child a clown wig and a red clown nose for at-home circus fun.