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Christmas Party Ideas in India

Sleigh bells ringing, snowmen glistening, and the incredible smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies are just some of the best Christmas party ideas that you, your family, and your friends are sure to thoroughly enjoy. If your lil one’s birthday falls on Christmas and you are looking for some special Christmas birthday party ideas in India, here is your brief party guide.

Planning the Party
  • Christmas can be tricky to plan if you are inviting family and friends from out of town or even out of state. With this in mind, be sure that you start planning the party with enough advanced notice to your guests so that they can make travel arrangements. A lot of people even start reaching out to their guests just around Halloween in order to provide ample time. But if this is to be a less intimate Christmas party, you should be able to accomplish planning within four to six weeks.
  • Make a party checklist, with dates by which certain aspects of the party planning phase need to be accomplished. This will help you to keep your Christmas party on track.
  • Order your Christmas party supplies as soon as you have narrowed down your choice in Christmas party themes. The closer that Christmas draws, the less likely you'll be able to have success at tracking down the perfect tablecloth, plates, centerpieces, and other Christmas party decorations.
  • If you will be inviting a lot of guests to your party, some Christmas party ideas for planning the space include renting tables and chairs, hosting the party at an event room at a local hotel, hosting the party at your local recreation or YMCA centers, or if the weather is agreeable consider taking the party outdoors.
  • Try to schedule parties with friends and coworkers at least a week out from Christmas in order to ensure that the most number of people will be able to attend. Many people do go out of town for Christmas, and your party might not warrant their changing travel plans.
  • Get several disposable cameras to be used during the party. This will help you to ensure that you get plenty of great shots of all of the fun that is had.
Party Invitations
  • If you are in a time crunch, then some prepackaged invitations, like those offered in our Christmas party supplies lineup, will save you some time and help you get your invitations sent out.
  • Attach a candy cane to each invitation, just so that everyone has a sweet treat. Another sweet alternative to a candy cane is some red and green M&M candies.
  • Buy some clear glass Christmas bulb ornaments and carefully remove the tops off of them. Write the party details on decorative paper that is no bigger than 2 by 3 inches. Carefully roll the invitation up and insert it into the bulb ornament; use a thin pencil or a chopstick to unroll the paper so that it presses up against the side of the bulb. Fill the rest of the ornament with shredded green and red paper, or even red and green candy. Packages the ornaments carefully in order to protect them, and hand-deliver to your invited guests.
  • There are a lot of stickers and die-cuts that can help you to transform glossy red card stock into customizable invitations that will set the tone of your Christmas party.
  • Crafting felt pompoms are a great way to create snowmen on your invitations. Some other ideas include using a glue stick and glitter to create sparkling snowflakes, or red velvet and a white mini pompom to create a whimsical Santa's hat.
Party Games
  • Similar to party classic Simon Says, a game of Santa Says can keep everyone laughing and entertained during the party.
  • Take a cue from some other classic party games for your Christmas party games, with Twister and pin the red nose in Rudolph.
  • Crazy Christmas Dance is a fun game where everyone dances their craziest moves until the music stops. The person left still dancing last is out until the next round.
  • Inflate several dozen balloons and hold a team relay race to see which teams of two can pop the most number of balloons in 15 seconds!
  • A Christmas birthday party is incomplete without a Santa piñata, kids will be enjoy this activity and will be delighted when goodies are showered upon them.
  • Christmas karaoke is always a lot of fun, especially when your party guests are encouraged to make up their own words to favorite Christmas carols.
Return Gifts
  • Gingerbread house kits are readily available, and can offer of festive fun for your guests.
  • Fill mason jars up with your very own Christmas cocoa mixtures that include powdered hot chocolate, crushed candy canes, and just a smidge of cinnamon.
  • Black licorice in little bags that have "lumps of coal" stenciled on them are sure to make your guests smile.
  • Costume jewelry, toy army men and dinosaurs, along with bouncing balls, water pistols, sheets of stickers, candy cane pencils, pens, bounce balls and crazy straws are all fun return gifts for the kids who attend your party.
  • Send guests home with a nice selection of some homemade sugar cookies, peppermint bark, and a few candy canes.
Party Food
  • While a sit-down meal is always nice with family, if you are hosting a get-together with friends and neighbors you could consider finger foods and other appetizers that could include pigs in blankets, honey glazed ham, crackers, bruschetta, vegetable trays with dips, fresh fruit trays, delicious pastries, and so much more.
  • Christmas cookies are always a must-have on any list of Christmas party ideas. Use Christmas cookie cutters to cut out cookie snowmen, Christmas trees, and gingerbread men. Decorate them using piped icing, along with red and green candies.
  • Skewered chicken and shrimp are elegant, tasty, and offer an easy option for guests to fill their bellies while still enjoying mingling and good conversation.
  • Peppermint bark is fun and a really pretty dessert option to offer, along with some more candy canes.
  • Deli meat and cheese rollups, using green spinach tortillas and red peppers can add some festive color to your party table.
Party Decorations
  • A Christmas wreath is a must-have for any celebration, so hang one at least on your front door and around the party space to add to the festive vibe.
  • Christmas crackers aren't just a fun party of any Christmas meal; they can also help to decorate the table. Place one at each place setting and consider having several extras on hand to set in the middle of the table as a party of your centerpiece.
  • Streamers, balloons, and celebratory banners are all must-haves to help set the perfect Christmas vibe to your party.
  • Some other Christmas party decorations could be hanging tinsel and foil snowflakes to add to the ambience of the party.
  • A Christmas tree is just what you need to light up the party space. If you don't have room for a large tree then consider a nice tabletop tree that is decorated elegantly.
  • Some other Christmas party ideas include wrapping empty boxes with festive wrapping paper and bows, and using them to decorate the space.
  • Decorate the party tables with Christmas themed tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and more. Our selection of Christmas party supplies will ensure your party is beautifully decorated.