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Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas in India

Delicate, captivating, and beautiful, butterflies are a graceful choice for any birthday party. If you are looking for interesting butterfly birthday party ideas in India, we have beautiful butterfly party ideas to help you throw a birthday party that is sure to keep your guests all aflutter!

Planning the Party
  • A botanical garden is the perfect setting for a butterfly party; a butterfly garden or a local park is two other butterfly party ideas.
  • Rent or purchase a bubble machine to add to the whimsical feel of the party.
  • Order your butterfly party decorations several weeks in advance so that you can have everything on hand when you need it. This will help you avoid potential shipping hiccups, and supply shortages.
  • If little boys will be invited to the party then be sure to order some butterfly return gifts that will appeal to the little gents.
Party Invitations
  • Using a crafting knife, or a stencil and scissors, cut out a butterfly shape from some pastel colored cardstock. If you have a Circuit machine then you will be able to do it with a lot more ease. Decorate the card with glitter glue on the wings, or glue the cut out on craft stick, add a ribbon bow, write the party details in a catchy font.
  • Dress the birthday girl up in a butterfly costume, and use the photo to design a lovely invitation that features her.
  • Use green card stock folded in half to design a top-fold birthday invitation. On the front of the invitation draw grass, trees, flowers, and other outdoor details. Use butterfly stickers or die-cuts to create a pretty butterfly garden. Write the party details on the inside of the card.
  • Attach card style invitations to butterfly party supplies, like butterfly nets, butterfly wings, or even pretty butterflies. Use curling ribbon to attach the invitations.
  • Include butterfly shaped confetti and butterfly stickers with each of the invitations.
  • Order some prepackaged party invitations from our selection of party supplies in India, to save time and introduce your theme to the invited guests.
Party Games
  • Use a bubble machine to fill the party space with lots of pretty bubbles. Give each guest a jar of bubbles so she can blow her very own bubbles.
  • Hopscotch is just one of many butterfly birthday party ideas that take a cue from the classic party games. Others could include jump rope, hula hoops, Twister and a beautiful butterfly pinata filled with amazing goodies is another great party game.
  • A caterpillar race is very much like a potato sack, with each party goer hopping towards the finish line, or wriggling on their belly.
  • A scavenger hunt will keep everyone busy for a lot time. Use items that are readily available in nature, like leaves, blades of grass, dandelions, and pebbles.
  • A flowerpot toss involves plastic or rubber insects and flower pots. The object of the game is for each player to throw as many of their insects into the flower pots as they can within 15 or 30 seconds.
  • Make a fun station wherein girls can go for temporary butterfly tattoos on arms, feet etc, face painting and have a gala time.
Return Gifts
  • Send each guest home with butterfly straws, and a butterfly themed keepsake cup.
  • Butterfly notepads, coloring books, pencils, and crayons will inspire creativity.
  • Every little party guest will love butterfly party supplies that include bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other baubles, explore our collection of return gifts for girls.
  • Butterfly wings are a super addition to the goodie bags.
  • Butterfly-shaped lollipops, stickers, and blow outs will also be the crowd-pleasers.
Party Food
  • Butterfly bagels are just some of the tasty butterfly party ideas you can incorporate into the festivities. Slice a bagel in half, and then cut each half down the center again so that the result is four pieces of bagel. Lay two of the pieces back-to-back in order to create the shape of butterfly wings. Decorate the bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruit, and other interesting toppings.
  • Fill zipper bags with candy, popcorn, pretzels, and other treats. Use a clothes pin in the center of the bag to create a butterfly snack bag. The addition of pipe cleaners for antennae and googly eyes will transform the snack bags into pretty butterflies.
  • Butterflies love bright colors, so fill up flower-shaped bowls and cups with brightly colored candies and chocolates.
  • Use butterfly cookie cutters to create butterfly shaped sandwiches; you can use deli meats, cheeses, or even peanut butter as sandwich filling.
  • Serve lemonade in little cups, with silly straws topped with a silk flower to represent sweet nectar.
  • Some butterfly theme party ideas for the cakes could include using cookies to create butterfly wings on cupcakes, or picking out some butterfly party decorations and cake toppers to transform a sheet cake into a butterfly paradise.
Party Decorations

Cover the party table with mismatched teacups, a chandelier, oversized teacups, and even some mini teacups, like those you'd find in a tea set for dolls.

  • Hang a birthday banner at the entrance to the party space. Decorate the banner with lots of pretty butterflies and brightly colored flowers.
  • A selection of pretty colored latex balloons will perfectly complement butterfly Mylar balloons. Use them to decorate the party space by making balloon bouquets.
  • Tie tulle or pretty bows around each of the chairs in the party space. Hot glue plastic or fabric butterflies to the tulle or the ribbon.
  • Do flower decoration using silk flowers. If you have the budget for it, fresh flowers will add a delicious aroma to the party space.
  • Use construction paper or felt to cut out large brightly colored flowers, and place the flowers on the walls of your party space.
  • Hang paper butterflies from ceiling fans so that they can lazily drift above the party space.