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Boys Birthday Party Ideas in India

With some great boy birthday party ideas, you can throw a party that your little fella and his friends won't soon forget. There are so many birthday party ideas for boys that your biggest problem may just be narrowing your choices down! If you are in search of boy’s birthday party ideas in India, then here are some fun & exciting ideas for you.

Planning the Party
    • Keep in mind that boys tend to get wound up and need to burn off steam when they get together with their friends, so consider hosting the party at a park or a recreational center where they will have plenty of room to run and play. Your local YMCA could also offer budget-friendly rates for renting space.
    • Consider boy birthday party themes that will have appeal for all of the kiddos who will be invited to the party. Whether a favorite superhero or dinosaurs and monster trucks, there are bound to be boy birthday party supplies for that particular theme.
    • Give some thought to the age of the boys who will be attending the party, so that you can plan age appropriate party games for boys in that age group.
    • Be sure to order your party supplies at least four to six weeks ahead of time so that you can ensure that they are on hand with plenty of time to spare.
Party Invitations
  • If you are looking for pre-packaged boy birthday invitations in India ,our selection of party invitations will offer you plenty of choices that will fit in nicely with your boy birthday party themes that you pick out, and will save you some time in planning for the party. Pick up some coordinating thank-you cards while you are ordering party supplies.
  • Because the party is to include boys only, use construction paper, stickers, die-cuts, and scrap booking paper to create invitations that resemble tree house forts. Write the words "No Girls Allowed" on the invitation front, and the party details on the back of the card.
  • If the birthday party ideas for boys you are opting for include their favorite superheroes, consider cutting out images of the logo their favorite superhero is known for, and designing postcard invitations using the cut out images.
  • Boys love trucks and cars! With this in mind, consider designing the invitations around their favorite NASCAR driver, and throw a fantastic racing birthday party that is sure to be a resounding success.
  • Sports and adventure are also firm favorites with active boys, which give you the opportunity to create invitations that include baseball bats, footballs, cut outs of soccer balls, racing cars and so much more. Take your inspiration from the sports and teams that your son enjoys, and design the invitations to resemble an aspect of the sport or the team's logo.
Party Games
  • Relay race, potato sack race is a sure way to keep boys engaged and burning off almost endless amounts of energy.
  • Hide return gifts and other goodies related to the theme around your house and your yard. Provide the kids with a treasure map and send them out to retrieve the treasure from around the party space. This will get them working in teams and also help them run off their energy.
  • Keep a few favorite movies on hand, just in case the weather takes a turn for the sour. Movies featuring their favorite superheroes, or even Kung-Fu movies can provide them with plenty of entertainment should the weather prove uncooperative.
  • A few games of baseball or touch football can be a lot of fun, provided there is a supervising adult to referee.
  • A pinata is always a popular choice for any birthday party, and will give the boys something to focus their energy on. Fill the piñata up with goodies related to the theme, or with toy cars, dinosaurs, candy and other fun things.
  • A few inexpensive radio control cars can be purchased from any toy store, for about $5 each. Use them to host racing games that the boys are sure to thoroughly enjoy. The winners can take home one of the radio control cars as a prize.
Return Gifts
  • Water pistols and balloons that can be used as ammunition in a water balloon fight are great to send home with boys.
  • Yo-yos, blow outs, whistles, and other return gifts related to the party theme will provide great entertainment.
  • Coloring books, pencils, erasers, and crayons will offer creative inspiration for younger boys.
  • Some other boy birthday party ideas for return gifts include sticker sheets, plastic dinosaurs, plastic army men, bouncing balls, Frisbees, and baseballs.
  • You can also go for edible favors, like chocolate covered Oreo cookies with blue piping, well decorated with blue ribbon.
Party Food
  • Some great birthday party ideas for boys include things that girls might not find enjoyable. Things like gummy worms, snacks, rats, and sharks. The higher the gross-out factor, the more the little dudes will enjoy it!
  • A sheet cake may give you more room to decorate, and can certainly look great with some boy birthday party supplies working as the toppers, but consider cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, and cookies in lieu of the traditional birthday cake.
  • Swamp juice is a favorite for boys, especially if the boy birthday party ideas that you are working with are leaning towards a jungle or adventure theme. Use green, blue, and orange food coloring to turn fruit punch into a dastardly green color. Float gummy worms and spiders into the punch.
  • It can be hard to get boys to settle down to eat a meal so consider food and snacks that they can grab and enjoy on the go. Mini sandwiches, pigs in blankets, cheese and crackers, and slices of deli meat and cheese skewered with toothpick swords will give them something to eat while they are enjoying the party fun.
  • Some other boy's birthday party ideas for food could include hamburger sliders, mini bagel pizzas, mini sandwiches with olive eyes and ice cream cones.
Party Decorations
  • Some boy birthday party ideas for decorating could include lots of blue, green, brown, and other masculine colors that they will appreciate. Keep in mind that boys care a lot less about decorating than their mothers do!
  • Hang a few streamers and party banners between doorways, or even use them as a part of an obstacle course for the party guests to navigate while on their treasure hunt
  • Balloons are one of the best birthday party ideas for boys, and not just because balloons are a birthday party staple. Balloons can be used in a variety of games, and extras can also be filled up with water and used for a good-natured water balloon fight.
  • Decorate party tables with dark colored table cloths. Our selection of boy birthday party supplies includes themed and patterned table cloths, along with solid colors that are all suitable for a variety of boy birthday party themes.
  • Pick out coordinating supplies for the party, including cups, plates, forks, napkins, and even straws.
  • Use vinyl wall stickers, posters, and even life-size cutouts that relate to the boy birthday party theme. Whether superheroes, monster trucks, or a favorite cartoon character, there are endless options for decorating.