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Protein diet for Vegetarian mothers!

Veggie mommy needs their daily routine of nutrients and vitamins just to keep their health going perfectly. A strict diet is really important and if by chance you miss then you got to take the heavy risk of your life. Given below are the ways wherein you can go on a healthy veggie diet. Read on:
Protein diet for Vegetarian mothers!
  • Greek Yoghurt:You can definitely include yoghurt in the diet – it provides 23 gms of protein. If you don’t like eating yoghurt raw then mix fruits and make a smoothie. This will not only be healthy but also yummy, especially during summers.
  • Soy:When we talk about vegetarian food, we have a few options to consider. Soy is one of them if you wish to have all sources of proteins. However, soy is considered a perfect alternative to meat. But make sure you consume only 10 grams in your diet.
  • Rice and Beans:The perfect combination of proteins and health. If beans are not available then you can also go for lentils or chickpeas. These are rich in carbohydrates which are very important for health.
  • Quinoa:Women should definitely include this food in the diet. Apart from proteins, they are very delicious too. For a light lunch, Mediterranean quinoa salad is good to go.
A Final Note:A high proteins diet will give you a fit and healthy body. So, no need to compromise your regular meal – keep yourself updated with all the meals. Thanks for reading! #EatHealthy #TeamMBS

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