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How to relieve constipation in Infants

Constipation in babies can be a cause of concern for parents. If you find your baby straining or his/her diaper filled with hard pellets or notice a streak of blood in the stool then these are a sign of constipation.

Each baby has a different bowel movement and it depends on many things like baby’s age and type of feeding. Generally it has been observed formula fed babies have more chances of constipation. Some babies poop after every meal whereas some poop only once in 4 days. On an average babies in the age group of 1 to 4 months poop three to four times a day and once solid foods are introduced in their diet it can reduce to approx one or two bowel movement per day.

Common Symptoms of Constipation in babies:

  • Hard & dry pellets
  • Pain & pressure in belly
  • When baby feels strain during passing of stool
  • Streak of blood accompanied in stool

How to treat constipation in babies:

  • Water Intake- Whether the baby is formula fed or breast fed, increase the water intake. After every meal give an additional ½ or ¼ cup of water, it helps in flushing out waste.
  • Body move- Give your baby bicycle legs, when you make your baby’s body move it helps in bowel movement too. For this, place your baby on his back and gently lift up his legs and move them in circular motion. Move them in a way we peddle a bicycle, this movement eases out stomach pain if any and releases abdominal pressure.
  • Baby Foods rich in fiber- Often bananas, cereal and rice are a part of infants diet, these foods have less fiber in them and results in a binding effect on stool. It is good to include fiber rich fruits like pears, prunes and apricot to avoid constipation.
  • Change in Formula- Sometimes a particular formula is not suitable for your baby’s body. So to relieve constipation, you might need to try formula made using different ingredients or formula of some different brand. This way you will figure out which formula works best for your baby’s body.
  • Tummy Massage- This technique is effective only when used appropriately. Lie down your baby on his back and in a clockwise motion massage your baby’s tummy in circles. Make sure you are doing it gently with lighter hands and in case you baby starts crying then take a clue that you may be pressing too hard. You can also try tummy massage with coconut oil.

These tips will surely help relieve constipation in babies and if none of the above mentioned tip works in your baby’s case then a visit to the pediatrician is required to deal with it.


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