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Diwali DIY Home Decoration Ideas

Festival of lights better known as ‘Diwali’ is the most awaited festival in India. As Diwali is around the corner, everybody is hunting for out-of the-box décor ideas to beautify their home, so let your search end here. Here we have some easy & inexpensive DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas that will help you spread festival spirit within no time.

1. Diwali Toran - A colorful Diwali toran hanging at the entrance door looks elegant and is perfect to give a warm welcome to your guests. So this Diwali forget traditional torans made with leaves of coconut, mango and marigold rather give a modern makeover to it. You can use old greeting cards, paint samples or get little creative make paper flowers and leaves using patterned paper, craft paper or any silver or gold coated paper. These handmade torans look vibrant and instantly spread the festive sheen.
2. Festive Candles - Spread light & cheer this Diwali by making these handmade candles and beautify your home within no time. These candles look beautiful, are easy to make and are inexpensive. To make these candles you can use orange peels and egg shells too. And in case you are just back from any beach trip and have collected tons of seashells then you can make best out of this waste by transforming them into pretty seashell candles. Pick few sea shells and add color to them with a stroke of fabric paints. When paint dries, add melted wax & a wick to create your candle. To further give a dramatic finishing to your candles you can stick sequins of varied colors around them.
3. Glass Jar Lanterns - Diwali home decoration is incomplete without a lantern. Instead of sticking to traditional paper lanterns why not try your hands on some colorful glass jar lanterns and spread Diwali warmth. Well it is the time to put old glass jars into use be it sauce jars, pickle jars, candy & cookies jars with little creativeness and craft supplies you can transform them into beautiful glass lanterns. Add color to these glass jars by spraying some paint in them. To give these pretty jars a festive touch, add a splash of golden paint or any pattern of golden paint on both the top & bottom of jar. Now you just need to place a candle or LED lights inside these jars and your handmade glass jar is ready to spread Diwali cheer.

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