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Celebrate Birthday on a Budget!

Birthday parties are all about fun, festivity, celebrations and having a memorable time. Kid’s birthday parties are surely special but that does not mean you need to break the bank or host an extravagant even to make it memorable for your kid. You can throw a fabulous party even on a modest budget, here are some tips put together on hosting a thrilling party on a budget.
Celebrate Birthday on a Budget!
  • Select an inexpensive Venue:-For a birthday party to be awesome, you do not require a high priced venue. You can host party at your home if not inside; you can plan it in the lawn or backyard. If you find it difficult to manage a house full of guests, then planning party at the nearby church or local park, picnic area is also a good option. These places are inexpensive and give you ample space and natural areas but do not forget to confirm about availability in advance.
  • Keep it simple:-Birthday parties are a close affair, so keep your guest lists limited. Invite close friends and relatives and tell your child to pick handful of friends for his/her birthday. In addition, to cutting down costs, you will be able to give attention to each guest.
  • Pick a general theme:-Kids love theme parties, so stick to a general theme. Depending upon your child’s interest and age, you can select any general theme such as Pink Party theme for your daughter, Pool party theme, any sports, and animal theme party or backyard carnival. If it is summer, you can simply have a pool party.
  • Effortless Decorations:-You don’t have to spend fortune on decorations, with simple supplies and ideas, you can jazz up your party venue. Balloons and streamers make indispensable party decorations and are cheap too. Blow plenty of colorful balloons and fill it with confetti, hang streamers in a fun flowing manner. With little creativity and tissue paper, you can also make pom poms. Additionally, you can also make birthday banners, paper chains and party hats using crafts foams and construction paper.
  • Traditional games:-Plan traditional party games for the birthday party instead of hiring an entertainer to keep kids busy. All the classic favorites can be your best bet or you can introduce some new twist in old games and let the kids have gala time. Hand over cheap craft supplies to kids and let them decorate something or coloring activity can be fun too. A homemade piñata filled with candies, Dart game, Sack race, Musical chair, some Memory game and more.
  • DIY Invites:-Hand made invites are a sheer delight for recipient and sender alike. They are more personalized and reflect your affection and creativity. You can make invites at home, or there are plenty of free pintables available on internet, embellish them using stickers, sparkles, colors to make an appealing invite.
  • Food budget:-Make kid friendly food for kids like hot dogs, pizzas, sausages, cheese flavor crackers, pretzels. You can also make superb sandwiches with cheddar or ham filling or use peanut butter or jelly; kids like easy to nibble on food items. For desserts, ice creams with different toppings like caramel, chocolate syrups or berries, strawberries will give an added taste and flavor. Lastly, instead of getting a fancy store bought a cake, bake a cake at home and get economical cake decorators and food coloring for a colorful iceing.

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