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Category Archives: Recipes

Cheesy Spinach Toast – Nom Nom!

Well, many kids hate eating spinach but that’s okay you can find the best way to make them eat. One of the remedies is Spinach Toast. To know more, you got to check this yummy recipe. Category: Appetizer Preparation Time: 10-15 minutes Cooking Time: 10-15 minutes Serves: Depending upon the quantity Age: No bar Ingredients: Slices of bread Spinach Paneer Ginger paste Grated cheese Salt and pepper Chopped... Read More

Chick Pea Salad – You want more and more!

Mom! I am hungry! Darling! Can you make something for me, a bit healthier? These two dialogues are so so common! Somehow, you are busy in your work – be it at your workplace or handling your kitchen and home. You don’t get enough time to calm the hunger pangs. So, the solution for this is ‘Chick-pea Salad’ which is easy to cook and is packed with iron, potassium, and fiber. They are a filling meal and easy to digest. Make sure you... Read More

Italiano Masala Spaghetti!

Italian Food is such a craving! The best part is they are less on spices, but we Indians love spicy food so adding salt, pepper and chilies are not shocking for us. If your kiddo is bored of eating classic recipe of Italian dish, then, surprise them with spicy and Masala spaghetti. Oh, come on! Give your family a treat of this delicious recipe. Category: Course Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 20 minutes Serving: Depending upon... Read More

Some Crunching Tomato Salsa Bites!

Tomato salsa bites are perfect for any party. All you need to do is prepare salsa sauce one day before and let the flavors spread the magic. For tomato bites, you got to read our blog. Category: Snacks Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 20 Minutes Serves: According to the ingredients Age: For Everyone Ingredients: 3 tablespoon roasted tomato salsa Onion chopped Green chilli 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning Salt Corn... Read More

A, B, C, D…..X, Y, Z – Alphabet Cookies ‘Yum Blum’

It’s time to fill up your container with the yummy alphabet shaped cookies. Perfect start for the morning munching, or when in the middle of your work ‘hunger pangs’ take place in your kid’s stomach. These yummy cookies are your savior. They are simple to bake and you can present them in different ways; may be a little topping would be an added advantage. The best part is you can include your kids in the process of baking these... Read More

Say Yummy with Oats Chakli

Murukku or you can say Chakli is a must recipe for an Indian kitchen. The best part is you can store this for a long time and can be served as per your choice or occasion. Cook this delicious snack with our recipe. Tasty and healthy! Ingredients: 1 cup of rice flour 1/4th cup of roasted gram dal 1tsp of sesame seeds A pinch of asafoetida(Hing) Vegetable oil for deep frying ½ cup oats 1 tsp of chili powder ½ tsp of cumin... Read More

Sweeten your taste buds with Rasgulla

Sweets and Indian festivals – the best combination which no one can afford to miss, Right? A melt in your mouth spongy and sweet balls in light cardamom flavored sugar syrup. Oh Yum! Rasgulla or you can say Rosogulla in a local dialect, was originated from Orissa with many Indian desserts, this delicious sweet requires only 3 ingredients – milk, sugar, and lemon juice. Read on: Preparation Time: 60 minutes Cooking Time: 30... Read More

Chocolate Recipes for Kids – Go Chocolicious!

We all love chocolate! It won’t be much to regard it as food for all ages. Adding a dollop of chocolate to the dishes can double the treat for your little ones and also add a new flavor to the regular dishes. So, in this blog I have picked two easiest chocolate recipes that your kids will simply adore. 1. Chocolate Dosa If your little one already loves dosa then adding chocolate to his/her favorite dish will double the delight for kids.... Read More


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