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Category Archives: Parenting

Protein diet for Vegetarian mothers!

Veggie mommy needs their daily routine of nutrients and vitamins just to keep their health going perfectly. A strict diet is really important and if by chance you miss then you got to take the heavy risk of your life. Given below are the ways wherein you can go on a healthy veggie diet. Read on: Greek Yoghurt:You can definitely include yoghurt in the diet – it provides 23 gms of protein. If you don’t like eating yoghurt raw then mix... Read More

Chest Congestion – Home Remedies will help you!

In babies, chest congestion is very common and this ultimately gives you sleepless nights. Panic is the biggest problem and worry when the baby faces chest congestion. Don’t worry there are home remedies for this which will give your baby 100% relief: Symptoms: Difficult to breathe High fever Wheezing sound from chest or nose Loss of appetite Nose blocked Sleeplessness Home Remedies: Vapo-rubs: It’s... Read More

Make your Elbow smooth!

Everyone hates discolored and rough elbows but don’t want to spend too much on the treatment. So, it’s better to opt for something where the pocket is not affected. Don’t worry, we have got you covered; given below are some home remedies which will make your elbow smooth and beautiful: Petroleum Jelly: All you need to do is rub a minimum amount of petroleum jelly on your elbows till it get absorbed. You can follow this process... Read More

The Habit of Drinking Water for Babies!

Formula food and breast milk are the best nutrition for a newborn. But as the baby grows; their body demand for other essentials apart from solid food. Water is one of them. The Role of Water: It is very important to drink water at intervals just to stimulate healthy growth and functioning of the baby. In case your child does not drink enough water, the chance of dehydration increases thus, lowering down the health. Read on to know... Read More

Milk can be TASTY toooooo!

It’s time to slurp milk! Every MOM makes an announcement with the big grin but do you really think this cute smile is good enough to make your kiddo drink milk. Nah! Not possible. They tend to make numerous excuses for not drinking milk like it smells bad, taste awful, and what not! But its okay you can easily put an END to this. Read our blog to know more: Go for milkshake: We all know that milkshake rules the world so what about... Read More

Babies born in Winters are Unique – Check out some Qualities!

Apart from hot chocolate, hot coffee, cuddling in blankets and sweaters, winter brings along an excitement with festivals. If you are expecting your baby this winter, then double your happiness because there is more to come. Your winter cutie is the apple of your eye and makes you happy and warm, even on the breezy days. But do you know that babies that are born in winter have some unique qualities as compared to other babies? Excited to know... Read More

MyBirthdaySupplies is all about Pampering!

Mommmm! My birthday is coming …. This dialogue is echoed for numerous times. You are a MOM and there are a lot of things which keeps you busy throughout the day such as office work, kitchen work, handling parents, kids, and cooking. Out of all this, there is no time left to shop for your baby’s birthday. Now, what? The best remedy to this is online shopping – no tension of going to the malls or standing in a queue. To overcome this... Read More

Say Goodbye to these Fashion Rules!

Fashion trend has been ruling and changing from the time of your granny to your mother and then you – but now there are certain rules you need to break and say Bye Bye! Free yourself from these rules and transfer into the modern aspects of style. It’s time to bring the change! BREAK them: Navy with a Black is a No: Dump this trend immediately. But if you are dying to wear this combination; make sure you get hold of some accessory such... Read More


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