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Category Archives: Baby Development

Babies born in Winters are Unique – Check out some Qualities!

Apart from hot chocolate, hot coffee, cuddling in blankets and sweaters, winter brings along an excitement with festivals. If you are expecting your baby this winter, then double your happiness because there is more to come. Your winter cutie is the apple of your eye and makes you happy and warm, even on the breezy days. But do you know that babies that are born in winter have some unique qualities as compared to other babies? Excited to know... Read More

Multivitamins are important!

Are Multivitamins important for your baby? Well, there are numerous reasons for this. Even if your baby has a healthy and a balanced diet, still there is something which is lacking. If you are still not clear about this, you need to read beyond. Benefits of Multivitamins: If your little one is on a restricted food plan, a multivitamin will do the job of boosting. Your little one might not be eating properly, despite your efforts.... Read More

It’s okay to keep both – Pet and a Baby!

For those who love adoring pet, has one thing to say that ‘pet becomes a part of the family’, basically a member only. So, what happens when a new chapter comes in your life? How can you be so sure that the health of your baby won’t be affected? Many pet owners have pets at their place, especially dogs, which are fond of babies and love to be around them. You can say that this is the loving bond between the pet and a baby. So, how will you... Read More

Too much TV – It’s time to reduce them!

Television has become a part of our daily life and it’s important to keep a check on what your kid is exactly watching. As parents, it’s important to set a proper schedule for watching TV. Watching TV steals away outdoor activities, reading, meeting friends, studying and bonding with family. This can affect your child’s social, mental and physical development. What all children learn from Television? Take a look: Education:... Read More

Make a splash with- Lil Quack Themed Baby Shower

An adorable duck we all know and love is a mainstay for baby shower. Host a lil quack theme baby shower for the mom-to-be and leave the guests with something to quack about. A duck theme baby shower is super fun and easy to plan and will surely delight one and all. Party Decor Let baby shower party decorations revolve around bubbly blue, cheerful yellow and white color scheme. Chose a mix of blue and yellow crepe streamers and... Read More

Bottle Battles- How to Transition your baby from bottle to sipper cup

Baby and bottles are an inseparable affair. By the time your little one establishes a bond with the bottle, you need to think about breaking the bond and preparing him/her for a transition to sipper cup. As quoted by pediatricians, it is good to bid the goodbye to bottle by the time baby is 12 months old. We cannot agree more that babies love bottles. So, longer you wait, harder it becomes for your baby to let go of that cute little bottle.... Read More

Want your kid to grow up tall & fit? Activities to follow!

Every Parent wants their little one to grow up tall and fit. Having a good height does not only make your children look good but also increases their self-esteem and confidence. When it comes to height, genetics play an important role but there are other factors like nutritional intake, physical activities that determine the height growth in children. Here are some activities that can ensure proper height development of your child. Diet-... Read More

New Baby Checklist

There is no moment more delightful than shopping for your new baby! But there is always a confusion to decide which newborn items should you buy new, and which can you afford to skimp on? So, before your new born arrives, stock up on these new born essentials. This handy checklist will make sure you have everything ready when your little bundle of joy arrives. Happy... Read More


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