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5 Easy Egg Recipes for Babies

Sunday Ho Ya Monday, Roz Khao ande! Well eggs are considered important for overall growth as they improve strength, immunity and overall health. Thus, egg intake is essential for babies whose bodies grow faster than the light.

So, try these 5 Easy Eggs recipes for babies:
  • Hard Boiled Egg Yolk- In two simple steps you can make hard boiled eggs. First, hard boil the eggs and remove the yolk. You can mix the yolk in khichdi using a fork or masher.
  • Use knife to cut the hard boiled eggs into small cubes then stir them in oil preferably ghee and add a pinch of pepper. There you go, hard boiled eggs are ready to be served as finger food.

  • Scrambled Egg- In a pan, add a little oil after sometime remove the egg yolk from the whole egg and pour it in the pan. Add a pinch of pepper and scramble it. As per the taste, you can also add some cheese in the pan and blend it well. You can also add some veggies like carrot pieces, potatoes, and scramble it. It makes a wholesome meal for the children.
  • Egg Pudding- Beat the egg using egg beater or fork. Pour milk and again beat until well mixed. Then, add 2to 3 drops of vanilla essence in the egg-milk mixture and again beat.
  • Move the mixture into a small heat proof bowl and steam it. For steaming you can go for a steamer, idli cooker or a pressure cooker. If you select a pressure cooker, add some water and cook until 1 or 2 whistles. Your hand made vanilla egg pudding is ready, serve it warm.

  • Egg Patties-For making egg patties, you will need some veggies like carrots, parsley, zuchinni etc. Chop the parsley and grate rest of the veggies, then mix everything. Take a baking sheet and pour one big tablespoon of mixture for each pattie then place it in a pre-heated oven 190 C until they are firm. Make sure to flip them once in between and bake them until they turn golden brown on the edges. Add salt and cut it into smaller pieces. These baked patties are better than fried ones and healthy for the baby too.
  • Pancakes- With only two ingredients banana & eggs you can make pancakes. These are nutritious, soft, tasty and can be made with ingredients always seem to have on hand at home. Beat the egg in a bowl until fluffy and mash the banana. Add mashed banana to the beaten egg mixture and mix it well. Take a frying pan, pour a little butter and heat it over medium heat. Add one tablespoon of mixture to make one pancake. Flip the side of the pancake once brown; fry it approximately for 2 minutes. Serve them warm with some seasoned fruits.

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