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Happiness = Birthday Candles

The trend of using birthday candles was started during the time of Greek, who used to place the candle on the cake that was offered to Artemis-the goddess of the Moon. However, the art of candle making was mastered by the Germans. During those times, the birthday candles used to be placed on the center of the cake and were believed to represent the ‘light of life’. Over the years, candles have emerged as a significant birthday party... Read More

Cheesy Spinach Toast – Nom Nom!

Well, many kids hate eating spinach but that’s okay you can find the best way to make them eat. One of the remedies is Spinach Toast. To know more, you got to check this yummy recipe. Category: Appetizer Preparation Time: 10-15 minutes Cooking Time: 10-15 minutes Serves: Depending upon the quantity Age: No bar Ingredients: Slices of bread Spinach Paneer Ginger paste Grated cheese Salt and pepper Chopped... Read More

Milk can be TASTY toooooo!

It’s time to slurp milk! Every MOM makes an announcement with the big grin but do you really think this cute smile is good enough to make your kiddo drink milk. Nah! Not possible. They tend to make numerous excuses for not drinking milk like it smells bad, taste awful, and what not! But its okay you can easily put an END to this. Read our blog to know more: Go for milkshake: We all know that milkshake rules the world so what about... Read More

Workout Plan for Working Moms!

Say NO to bulky fat with these quick 20-minutes short exercise. Are you smiling? You must! Being a working mother, you may not have enough time to take care of your physique. But here we are giving you a short workout plan so that you remain fit and healthy even in your busy schedule. After all, you deserve this much. Juggling your work life, and taking care of your family and baby, leaves no time for you to keep yourself fit and fine. And... Read More

Chick Pea Salad – You want more and more!

Mom! I am hungry! Darling! Can you make something for me, a bit healthier? These two dialogues are so so common! Somehow, you are busy in your work – be it at your workplace or handling your kitchen and home. You don’t get enough time to calm the hunger pangs. So, the solution for this is ‘Chick-pea Salad’ which is easy to cook and is packed with iron, potassium, and fiber. They are a filling meal and easy to digest. Make sure you... Read More


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