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Throw the Best Star Wars Party in the Galaxy!

When your junior Jedi or princess Leia scream for a star war themed party, fear not we have some fun & fantastic ideas to help you plan the best bash in the galaxy. Star wars is still a favorite saga and is extremely popular among kids. From party invites to goodie bags, we have got your covered. Party Invitations! Instead of regular store-bought invites, use your DIY skills to make unique star war themed invites. Take a piece of... Read More

Stress Management Tips for Mommies- Be a stress-Free Mama

Someone rightly said ‘Mothers are no less than superwomen’. We can see you nodding. We all know being a mommy is a busy job and keeps you on your toes whole day from feeding the baby to household cleaning, doing everyday chores to cooking, responding to office emails to making sure kids are done with homework, moms do it all. But amidst all this, mothers also suffer with anxiety overload and need to find some me time for themselves to keep... Read More

DIY Minion Bookmark- You’re one in a Minion!

Can bookmarks get cuter than this? Bring oodles of fun & laughter to books with this awfully cute handmade minion bookmarks. It is easy to make and makes reading super fun. Even younger kids can make this with some help. So, flex your creative muscles and make this mischievous minion bookmarks. Supplies Needed: Cardstock in varied colors (Black, blue, yellow & grey) Glue Black Tassel Circle Punch (1-inch) Corner... Read More

Give wings to your lil girl’s imagination- With our Costume Party Ideas!

Time to play dress up! Children love to dress up as their favorite character in the movie, cartoon or storybooks. Costume parties are a huge hit with the kids and bring any character to life. So, host a costume party for your little one and let your tiny tot have the most enjoyable time ever! Here is our dig at some exciting girl costume ideas: No fear – Batgirl is here! BOOM! What delight it is to dress up your little girl in a batgirl... Read More

Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding- Which one is best for your Baby?

Breastfeeding is the old, normal and traditional method of feeding kids during their infant stage. But in due course of time new mommies have discovered a rather different yet similar way to feed their infants. Formula feed is the new start which many new mothers have opted for. Well if you have decided to switch over formula or want to supplement your breast milk with formula feeding, or thinking of changing from breast milk to formula,... Read More


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