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It’s easier than you think – Gorgeous Barbie Birthday Cake!

Barbie is every girl’s dream. So, surprise your darling daughter by baking a Barbie cake for her upcoming birthday. Cake looks as good as real and tastes yummy too. For making this cake, you will need a Barbie, I bought one from an online store that dint cost me much. Undress the Barbie, wrap her legs in cling film and then you can use her in the cake. Once cake is cut, unwrap it from the cling film, dress her up and give it to your... Read More

3 DIY Ideas: Shower your Teachers with Handmade Gifts!

September 5 ‘Teacher’s Day’ is just around the corner and it is the time to appreciate and love your teachers. When it comes to giving gifts, nothing can beat the warmth and special feeling of handmade gifts. So, kiddies surprise your teachers by showering them with handmade gifts this teacher’s day. Here are 3 fun and easy Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas: Keep Calm and Teach On Frame Take a plain store-bought cardboard frame and... Read More

Bottle Battles- How to Transition your baby from bottle to sipper cup

Baby and bottles are an inseparable affair. By the time your little one establishes a bond with the bottle, you need to think about breaking the bond and preparing him/her for a transition to sipper cup. As quoted by pediatricians, it is good to bid the goodbye to bottle by the time baby is 12 months old. We cannot agree more that babies love bottles. So, longer you wait, harder it becomes for your baby to let go of that cute little bottle.... Read More

Newborn Dressing Rules to swear by

When it comes to dressing your new born, a little preparation goes a long way. Newborn does not have the ability to maintain the temperature of the body and easily get affected by cold or hot weather. Here are some basic rules for dressing your little bundle of joy, regardless of the season. Avoid tight swaddling and wrapping your baby in layers of thick heavy clothing as it can interfere with the physical development of your baby. Moreover,... Read More

Camo Party Ideas- Invite the little soldiers on a fun mission!

A Camo themed birthday party is always a hit with young boys especially if they aspire to be soldiers and are looking for some adventure packed fun. Combine our Camo party ideas with Camo party supplies to create the perfect military base environment and let little hunters live up their imagination. Party Invite Send Camo theme invites to your party guests and let them know what is in store for them. Create a top-fold card by folding a... Read More


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