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Chest Congestion – Home Remedies will help you!

In babies, chest congestion is very common and this ultimately gives you sleepless nights. Panic is the biggest problem and worry when the baby faces chest congestion. Don’t worry there are home remedies for this which will give your baby 100% relief: Symptoms: Difficult to breathe High fever Wheezing sound from chest or nose Loss of appetite Nose blocked Sleeplessness Home Remedies: Vapo-rubs: It’s... Read More

Make your Elbow smooth!

Everyone hates discolored and rough elbows but don’t want to spend too much on the treatment. So, it’s better to opt for something where the pocket is not affected. Don’t worry, we have got you covered; given below are some home remedies which will make your elbow smooth and beautiful: Petroleum Jelly: All you need to do is rub a minimum amount of petroleum jelly on your elbows till it get absorbed. You can follow this process... Read More

The Habit of Drinking Water for Babies!

Formula food and breast milk are the best nutrition for a newborn. But as the baby grows; their body demand for other essentials apart from solid food. Water is one of them. The Role of Water: It is very important to drink water at intervals just to stimulate healthy growth and functioning of the baby. In case your child does not drink enough water, the chance of dehydration increases thus, lowering down the health. Read on to know... Read More

Happiness = Birthday Candles

The trend of using birthday candles was started during the time of Greek, who used to place the candle on the cake that was offered to Artemis-the goddess of the Moon. However, the art of candle making was mastered by the Germans. During those times, the birthday candles used to be placed on the center of the cake and were believed to represent the ‘light of life’. Over the years, candles have emerged as a significant birthday party... Read More

Cheesy Spinach Toast – Nom Nom!

Well, many kids hate eating spinach but that’s okay you can find the best way to make them eat. One of the remedies is Spinach Toast. To know more, you got to check this yummy recipe. Category: Appetizer Preparation Time: 10-15 minutes Cooking Time: 10-15 minutes Serves: Depending upon the quantity Age: No bar Ingredients: Slices of bread Spinach Paneer Ginger paste Grated cheese Salt and pepper Chopped... Read More


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