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A, B, C, D…..X, Y, Z – Alphabet Cookies ‘Yum Blum’

It’s time to fill up your container with the yummy alphabet shaped cookies. Perfect start for the morning munching, or when in the middle of your work ‘hunger pangs’ take place in your kid’s stomach. These yummy cookies are your savior. They are simple to bake and you can present them in different ways; may be a little topping would be an added advantage. The best part is you can include your kids in the process of baking these... Read More

Too much TV – It’s time to reduce them!

Television has become a part of our daily life and it’s important to keep a check on what your kid is exactly watching. As parents, it’s important to set a proper schedule for watching TV. Watching TV steals away outdoor activities, reading, meeting friends, studying and bonding with family. This can affect your child’s social, mental and physical development. What all children learn from Television? Take a look: Education:... Read More

Mother’s Huggie – Forever Craving!

Jadoo ki jhappi is something which no one affords to miss, especially when it’s from our Mother! A Hug is just like a magical wand which can do wonders for your tiny tot. This is the perfect dosage – On an average, your baby needs 12 hugs every day to grow into a confident, bubbling and a secure individual. Moreover, a hug says,’ I care for you and you will always find me beside you’. There are few moments where you can express... Read More

Buying Baby’s First Toy – Read this Guide!

Many mothers believe that baby needs teethers and rattles to keep them busy, but the fact is toys, play an important role in the growth of a baby. Everyone wants the best for their babies. From diapers to clothing to baby products and sippers or feeding bottles. The true fact is; a mother always keeps all the important factors in mind before finalizing a luxury for her baby. But, they miss out one important thing – selection of the toys! So,... Read More

Say Goodbye to Sleepyheads – Reach School on Time!

Waking in the morning, especially for school is a WAR! There can be two versions, first; your kids wake up on time, eat their breakfast, and reach the bus stop on time. The second case can be; mothers are trying to wake their kids for many hours, breakfast is still left and the bus has gone. So, tell us how many times you had to take a cab or an auto to drop your kids, just because they were busy sleeping? The majority of mommies are facing this... Read More


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