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Children’s Vision Problem? Symptoms that parent should not ignore

Taking care of children’s eyes in this tender age is quintessential as eyes are still developing. To ensure your child’s eyes remain strong and healthy, follow these everyday eye care routine. Parents, here are the possible symptoms of vision problem in children: Facing difficulty seeing information on the chalkboard Watery eyes especially when trying to focus Often complaining about headaches & eye pain Blurry or double... Read More

Feed your ‘Hungry Birdies’ with our Angry Bird Food Ideas

If your little one at home is crazy about angry bird’s then hosting a angry bird theme bird-day bash is a superb idea. Spice up the snacks in your angry bird theme party with our creative food ideas and turn angry birds into happy birds. Angry Bird Party Food Ideas Fruity Birdie Salad- Serve some fruit salad to lil birdies attending your party. For making a red angry bird, in a bowl layer some sliced pineapple in the bowl then top the... Read More

Summer Hacks: Tips to Dress Your Toddler in summers

Summer is here! We know, you want to keep your kiddo cool yet protected. It’s of course easier said than done, to keep your toddler out of direct sun when rays are the most harmful (between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). So, the next best thing is to dress your toddler from head to toe in a way that avoids sunburn and skin problems. Have a look at the tips given, they’ll totally save you, and your little cutie-pie too! Go Get A... Read More

Score a Goal- Host a Soccer theme party for your lil champ

Does your little soccer champ bends it like beckham? Well I heard a yes, so why not host a soccer theme birthday party for him. Our soccer party supplies coupled with creative ideas will surely help you score a major goal. Décor Ideas: Create a sign board for the entrance that reads ‘Welcome to champs World Cup Birthday Celebration’. Stick to black & white color scheme and let this color dominate all your decorations. Cover the... Read More

4 Best Job Options for Stay-at-Home-Moms

Gone are the days when stay at home moms use to spend entire day changing diapers, cleaning, cooking and caring for children. Today’s stay at home moms may be a tattooed novelist, a fashion blogger, a rock singer and what not. If you are a stay at home mom and thinking of steering your work life then here are 5 best job options for SAHM. Online Business- If you are a crafty mommy who is always occupied in DIY’s , knitting,... Read More


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