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Treat yourself with – Chocolate Covered Pokémon Go Balls!

Pokemon Go craze has hit the world including children and adults alike. Are you and your kids also in love with these cute cartoon critters, I hear you saying a big YES. Then, surprise your kiddos this weekend by serving them Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pokémon Go Balls and enjoy Pokémon mania. Ingredients needed: Dark Chocolate melts White Chocolate melts Ziplock Bag Frosting White Chocolate Chips Steps: As per the... Read More

Ariel The Mermaid Party Ideas- Sea full of fun!

Host a magical and mystical party for your little gal if she happens to be fascinated by Ariel the Mermaid. We have galore of party ideas that will make your guests feel as if they are frolicking under the sea surrounded by beautiful mermaids and ocean creatures. Make a splash in the memory of your guests with these party ideas. Let the birthday girl be dressed up in a Pink Mermaid Costume and let her enjoy making a splash at the... Read More

Rain Party Ideas for Kids- Roll with the Rains!

Say monsoon and you can feel all those tiny droplets, fragrance of earthy scent that excites you to dance in full swing. Now that monsoon’s are here, why not throw a rain party. If your child loves rain and his birthday also falls in the monsoon then hosting rain theme birthday bash is a fantastic idea. Go through, these fun tips that will help you put together a great show. You can... Read More

Want your kid to grow up tall & fit? Activities to follow!

Every Parent wants their little one to grow up tall and fit. Having a good height does not only make your children look good but also increases their self-esteem and confidence. When it comes to height, genetics play an important role but there are other factors like nutritional intake, physical activities that determine the height growth in children. Here are some activities that can ensure proper height development of your child. Diet-... Read More

Nail it right- How to clip your Baby’s nails!

As a brand new parent, trimming those tiny little nails of your little one can be unnerving, especially at first. However, keeping nails trimmed & clean is important for the baby’s hygiene and safety. In fact, little fingernails grow so fast that it is required to clip them quite frequently. So, here are some tips to keep in mind when clipping your baby’s nails: Choosing the right tool- You baby’s nails are softer and pliable so... Read More


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