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Sweeten your taste buds with Rasgulla

Sweets and Indian festivals – the best combination which no one can afford to miss, Right? A melt in your mouth spongy and sweet balls in light cardamom flavored sugar syrup. Oh Yum! Rasgulla or you can say Rosogulla in a local dialect, was originated from Orissa with many Indian desserts, this delicious sweet requires only 3 ingredients – milk, sugar, and lemon juice. Read on: Preparation Time: 60 minutes Cooking Time: 30... Read More

Chocolate Recipes for Kids – Go Chocolicious!

We all love chocolate! It won’t be much to regard it as food for all ages. Adding a dollop of chocolate to the dishes can double the treat for your little ones and also add a new flavor to the regular dishes. So, in this blog I have picked two easiest chocolate recipes that your kids will simply adore. 1. Chocolate Dosa If your little one already loves dosa then adding chocolate to his/her favorite dish will double the delight for kids.... Read More

Make a splash with- Lil Quack Themed Baby Shower

An adorable duck we all know and love is a mainstay for baby shower. Host a lil quack theme baby shower for the mom-to-be and leave the guests with something to quack about. A duck theme baby shower is super fun and easy to plan and will surely delight one and all. Party Decor Let baby shower party decorations revolve around bubbly blue, cheerful yellow and white color scheme. Chose a mix of blue and yellow crepe streamers and... Read More

4 Ways to recycle old Sarees

We all know that all Indian women simply adore their Sarees. But to keep pace with the changing fashion trends, often times this 9 yard beauty is left to age in vintage boxes or armoires. We hear you sob ladies, not to worry there are many ways you can repurpose them so that you can find a meaning of their existence. Here are 4 fun and practical ways to recycle your old saris. New Outfit- One of the simplest ways to reuse your old saris... Read More

It’s easier than you think – Gorgeous Barbie Birthday Cake!

Barbie is every girl’s dream. So, surprise your darling daughter by baking a Barbie cake for her upcoming birthday. Cake looks as good as real and tastes yummy too. For making this cake, you will need a Barbie, I bought one from an online store that dint cost me much. Undress the Barbie, wrap her legs in cling film and then you can use her in the cake. Once cake is cut, unwrap it from the cling film, dress her up and give it to your... Read More


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