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Basketball Birthday Party Ideas in India

If your child loves to shoot hoops, then a basketball party is a great way to honor his big day. A basketball birthday party is a fun and easy choice as a theme, and with a few great Basketball birthday party supplies and some fresh ideas for party games, food, and more, you can create a sporty event to remember.

Planning the Party
  • A basketball party is best held outdoors where you can get some actual game time in, but if the weather won't cooperate, consider renting a gym at your local rec center.
  • Theme the party around your child's favorite basketball team and use the team logo and colors.
  • Ask your guests to come in basketball shorts, tops and sneakers to add to the theme and let them play comfortably.
  • If there is a big basketball game set to air on TV, plan the party around it so everyone can watch
  • A daytime party is usually the best choice for a basketball birthday party since it allows everyone to go outside and play the game.
Party Invitations
  • The easiest way to get the word out is to use one of the pre-packaged basketball themed invitations or any sporty party invitations.
  • Create your own basketball party invitations using orange construction paper – simply cut out circles and add the lines to the ball.You can make two basketballs, on one fill the party details and on second paste the photograph of your lil sports star and make a punch hole in the both balls and adjoin them with a metallic thread.
  • Another great homemade invitation is a card cut into the shape of a basketball jersey – just add your wording on the back.
  • Use basketball wording on the invitations such as "Make this party a slam dunk" to get people excited.
  • Be sure your invitations specify that you plan to play some basketball so people will dress appropriately.
Party Games
  • Playing a game of basketball is of course the perfect way to spend time at a basketball birthday party.
  • Hold a contest to see who can make the most baskets in a row and give prizes.
  • Play a basketball version of "who am I?" by sticking the name of a famous basketball player on everyone's back and have them all try to guess who they are.
  • Buy white basketball jerseys and provide puff paint and markers for everyone to create their own team logo and decorate as they please.
  • For an indoor idea, that does not require a real ball, blindfold participants and have them try to stick a paper ball on a poster of a basket.
Return Gifts
  • An easy choice for basketball return gifts is to give everyone their own basketball to take home.
  • Pre-made basketball birthday return gifts are a great way to fill a goodie bag and please your guests.
  • Have every child choose one of the posters you used for decorations to take home as a return gifts.
  • Basketball chocolates and candies are sure to be a slam-dunk in each goodie bag.
Party Food
  • Decorate some cookies to look like little basketballs using orange and black frosting.
  • Serve up sports-watching food favorites like chicken wings, nachos and other similar snacks.
  • Place bowls of pretzels, chips, and other snacks around the party area just as you would when gathering to watch a big game.
  • Choose foods that can be dunked – like veggies and dip, or fruit with melted chocolate.
  • Create a basketball cake by baking in a round cake pan and decorating it with orange frosting and black lines for accents.
  • You can use basketball party supplies including easy to use options for creating a perfect basketball themed cake, including cake toppers.
Party Decorations
  • Orange and black are great colors to choose for a basketball party.
  • If you are using a specific basketball team for your theme, use their colors as well for balloons and streamers.
  • Decorate with team logos. If you don't have a favorite team, use all of the NBA logos and stick them on the walls.
  • You can buy basic toy basketball hoops and hang them throughout the room. Provide soft foam balls for people to try a shot or two if you aren't worried about things getting broken.
  • Our basketball party decorations are easy and fun and turn your home quickly into a sports fan's dream.
  • Hang posters of famous basketball players on the walls; choose your child's favorites, place brand new sports shoes on an orange box to make a sporty centerpiece.